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US Election: VP Muslim Running Mate Immediately Takes a Stand for Hamas

Yes friends, you have read that correctly. For the first time in the history of America we have Muslim on the Presidential ticket. This coming off the 2020 election in which “President” Biden held a historic pre-election Muslim only conference. Which was another first for America.

Muslims Bite Biden in the Ass

I have absolutely no love for Team Biden and I have absolutely no trust or respect for Muslims and Islam. Making this a clash of the two main enemies of America. The NWO and Islam.

Biden Administration Takes a Strong Stand for Islam

I don’t fully trust politicians and I certainly don’t trust Biden at all. Unfortunately he did not lie when he held his historic pre-election Muslim only conference back in July 2020 though.

Biden Nominates a Muslim for Federal Judgeship

Before the election Traitor Joe made the wrong side history by holding the first presidential candidate conference that was held specifically for the Muslim community. To make matters worse so far he is keeping his promise of empowering them.

Muslim Delegates to Swarm Today’s Democratic National Convention

For years I have been saying that Muslims do not have to be anywhere the majority of a non-Islamic country in order to make major changes to it. Major changes that favor Islam of course. That is because they know exactly what sectors to strike. Our government, our useless media, and our universities.

Charges Dismissed Against Blackwater, Obama/Biden vow to Appeal!

Once again Obama and Co. are turning the screws on what is supposed to be their own people. It seems that our government will do just about anything to please the Islamic world, but they turn on Blackwater, and sit silently as the Christians in Iraq are being driven out in droves. Whatever happened to taking a stand for your own people?