Yes! Let’s Discuss the Cause

The Cause of the Israel vs Palestine Conflict

For once I finally agree with a Muslim propagandist, and I am more than willing to discuss the cause of the conflict as Adan Rashid suggests in the short video below.

Since it is a short video my response will be short and precise.

There it is. Islam is the cause of the conflict. As per the Hamas Charter.

As you might know, after I call out a Muslim propagandist I do my best to contact them in an effort to let them know I am challenging them. Which I will do with Adhan as well.

Let’s see if he runs like some other well-known Muslim propagandists in the UK have from me. Starting with Ali Dawah who blocked me from his YouTube chatrooms, Dowie the Convert, Quisling Hamza who also blocked me after I easily exposed him for the liar for Allah that he is, and finally the martyr praising Paul Williams who responded to me once on his YouTube when I told him he was a quisling. Then ran off when I challenged on Islam.

Judging by how fast he ran in the video, I say he hauls ass on Mohammad’s horse like winged creature. (Buraq)

As you can see I am willing to literally lay my neck on the line in order to win the information war against Muslim propagandists. In return I ask you to support my relentless work by making a one-time or monthly donation via the site today.

Thank you,
Christopher Logan