Logan’s Warning to Andrew Traitor Tate: Go and Martyr Yourself

Why does it have to come to this? Because as I have been saying, part of the Islamic playbook are the attempted acts of intimidation against those who bravely criticize Islam. Done in an effort to silence the critics of Islam. Because if we cannot even criticize the ideology of hatred and perversion, we certainly cannot defeat it. In other words never bow to these bullies.

For those who do not know, Andrew Tate is a major “American – British” influencer and ex-champion kickboxer. An influencer who apparently has taken too many blows to the head and has converted to Islam. Making him a traitor to non-Muslims. An arrogant convert who talks out of both sides of his mouth. First stating that he doesn’t know the Islamic scriptures (at the :26 second mark), going onto talking about the so called standards of Islam. (At the 1:20 mark.)

At the 4:13 mark Traitor Tate states that he is not a extremist. Yet just days later he says that ISIS are “real Muslims”. The same ISIS that trades in sex slaves and burns people alive.

BTW: The person conducting the interview is the UK’s Mohammed Hijab. A Muslim who admitted Islam allows prepubescent marriages.

What was that about standards?

Before Tate took a stand for ISIS you might have believed he was just seriously confused. Unfortunately Tate further proves he is a extremist. As he goes on a threatening rant against anyone who criticizes Islam.

Apparently Tate believes his words stand above the US Constitution which empowers our freedom of speech. To me they mean nothing because I am never going to stop criticizing Islam. Considering the fact that Islam disrespects non-Muslims. Why should I?

Now lets see what his words mean to him.

In the opening video he stated a person should defend their beliefs. (At the 1:24 mark) OK Andrew, I agree. Now if you are truly against all acts of perversion you would condemn the LGBTQ for sexualizing the youth of America. It doesn’t stop there though. If you were truly against perversion you would condemn Islam for allowing prepubescent and first cousin marriages. I condemn all of it.


You can stand by your view of being impressed by the “true Muslims” of ISIS, and go and martyr yourself for Allah.

Koran 4:95

So where do you really stand Andrew? Are you against all acts of sexual perversion? Or are you a true Muslim? If it’s the latter I suggest you head over to China and fight the government for oppressing Islam. I am sure they will gladly send you to Allah.

Koran 8:39

Your move…..

(This article will be emailed to Tate.)

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Thank you,
Christopher Logan