Attention: Muslim Death Threat to Logan’s Warning and all Supporters!

Growing up I believed that the government was supposed to stand with the citizens of America. I also believed that the mainstream media was supposed to report the truth. Instead these days we have the exact opposite happening. Our government empowers the enemy ideology of Islam, and the media covers for both the government and Islam.

So we here at Logan’s Warning are forced to do the job our government and media will not do. Expose Islam. With that comes a problem. A serious problem. Death threats.

These YouTube comments from another loudmouthed Islamopunk in the UK.

As you can see I refuse to be shook by members of the “religion of peace”. In fact I want push back and expand my audience. In order to do so I need your help. Please support my life-threatening efforts by making a one-time or monthly contribution today. Monthly plans are as low as $5.00, or just .16 cents day. Our future generations are counting on us.

Thank you,
Christopher Logan

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