UK Muslim to LW: You are Asking for Another 9/11

For years I have been warning my fellow American citizens to look towards the UK to see what is coming our way in regards to Islam. Why? Because Muslims there are getting more and more brazen. Two of the latest examples of this are recent convert to Islam mega-influencer Andrew “Traitor” Tate threatening critics of Islam, and this unknown Muslim convert below who I spoke to on Clubhouse last night.

After trapping him into admitting he supported child and first cousin marriages, the potential terrorist in him rose to the surface.

After trying to weasel his way out of his support for those two perversions, I trapped him with verse 5:3. In which Allah stated Islam is perfect. I call that the hanging verse.
There you have it!

After he walked into Logan’s Web his demeanor got worse.

Apparently exposing Islam is a life-threatening action.

To add to it the convert to Islam didn’t begin to hide the fact that he wanted to persecute non-Muslims under Islamic Law.

To make matters even worse take a look at his Twitter page.

Islamic terrorist threat? I’ll hand this off to the authority figures and let them decide.