Cali – Pakistani Invader Wants to Fight Non-Muslims

There are currently 195 countries on the planet today. With 50 of them being a Muslim majority. Obviously that didn’t happen overnight but it happened. Which is why in order for the West to survive as we know it, it is imperative that Muslim immigration be permanently discontinued.

For those new to the subject, the problem with Muslim immigration is that it brings two threats along with it. The first being the the obvious threat of violent jihadists. The second being the cultural changes Muslims bring to the West. AKA as Insidious Islam. Which comes about because Muslims stand with Islam above all and don’t care about the wants and beliefs of non-Muslims. In other words they are ungrateful for the opportunity to come here and show this with their endless push for the dominance Islam calls for.

Today we will see this behavior in an Ali Kahn. A Paki invader in California.

When I first ran into Khan on Clubhouse he was playing Mr. Nice Mohammad. That was until we started exposing his Islamocon, and at that point his true ugly colors surfaced.

Of course the “lion” failed to mention that Islam discriminates on the basis of gender and religion. Of course he failed to mention that Mohammad actually struck his child bride Aisha. (Muslim 4:2127)
This coming after he was called out for attempting to whitewash Islam.
For those who do not know, wallahi means “I swear to Allah

Finally, the invader lays all of his cards on the table.

Once again proving….

Hat tip on the new meme to Mike Ram.