Palestinians Celebrate Son’s Death as Martyr Paid Ticket to Heaven ~ Video

Good afternoon friends, this article could have actually been filed under my “Muslim Comment of the day” series. The video is so alarming though and the fact that I am publishing a new segment for that series later or tomorrow I have decided to do this one as a stand alone article instead.

Besides the obvious concerns that Muslims believe that they have a one-way ticket to heaven when they die fighting for Allah, the brainwashing is just sad. A brainwashing that has been around for 1400 years and will not change unless Muslims find the strength to leave Islam. Because unfortunately Islam is not going to reform.

Koran 4:195

From the world renowned Tafsir (scholarly interpretation and explanation of the Koran) Ibn Kathir.

To make matters worse fighting is prescribed for Muslims whether they like it or.

Koran 2:216

What was the famous quote from Osama Bin Laden? Oh yeah…

“These youths love death as you love life.”

Side note: Don’t even begin to believe the claim that the Israel vs. Palestine conflict is because of an Israeli “occupation”. It’s because of Islam. Just as the Hamas Charter states.