13 Years Later an Ex-Reagan Advisor, Frank Gaffney, Still Does Not Understand Islam!

Wow has time passed by! Nearly a decade ago I penned an article titled “How do you win a war, When you Have no Answers?“. An article which featured quotes by so called experts on the issue of Islam or what some of them call Islamism. A term I refuse to use because it is politically correct terminology that lays cover for the threat of Islam itself.

The top five so called experts all have one major thing in common. They have no answer(s) to the threat of Islam other than their support of so called moderate Muslims who claim they are going to reform Islam. A feat that just will not happen. Making them all purveyors of false hope.

5. The Clarion Project: An organization that fights the fictional Islamism and is lead by misleading Muslim “reformers, Zuhdi Jasser and Raheel Raza. An organization which once admitted to me that they don’t even know how Islam will reform. An organization that in 2018 actually instructed its followers not to use the word Islam.

4. Walid Phares: a Lebanese born commentator on the Middle East who has appeared on Fox News and was actually part of Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Team. One of the last people who we needed to have Trump’s ear. Why? Because he also promotes the fantasy of a reformation of Islam. Actually calling for Zuhdi Jasser to run for office in America.

3. Steve Emerson: The founder of the the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT). An investigator who actually supports Jasser and his family helping build Mosques in Arizona and Wisconsin. How does more Islam in America help Steve? I would love to hear your answer. Unfortunately when I spoke to whoever runs your Twitter account years ago they blew a gasket just because I said Islam itself is the problem. Either way, it’s his account so the content is on him.

2. Daniel Pipes: The founder of the Middle East Forum. A so called historian that actually said he respects Islam and that the threat of “militant Islam” has only been around for about a century. Pipes is widely known the following failed catchphrase that he has been parroting since at least 2004.

“The problem is radical Islam. The solution is moderate Islam”.

When does that actually happen Pipes? Because Islam is spreading across the West like the cancer it is.

Did I happen to mention that his organization purposely misleads the public on this issue? If not, I just did.

Last but not least we move onto the head of the Purveyors of False Hope Committee.

1. Frank Gaffney: founder of the Center for Security Policy, and Former Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs for the Regan Administration. Unfortunately Frank still thinks he is fighting the Cold War.

Frank Gaffney, one of the summit panelists and the founder and president of the Center for Security Policy, was the most explicit proponent of this view. Gaffney used Ronald Reagan’s strategy in bringing down the Berlin Wall as a model for how we should engage the Muslims today, saying that, like Reagan’s empowerment of natural allies within Communism, “we must empower our allies within Islam.”

Like the four other “experts” mentioned above, Frank’s “answer” to the threat of Islam(ism) is the false hope that Zuhdi Jasser and some other so called moderate Muslims will lead the ummah to a reformation of Islam. Which lead Frank to present Jasser with a “Defender of the Homefront” award back in 2008. When does that reformation actually happen Frank?

Unfortunately Frank still does not get it, as proven by one of his latest Tweets.

This is not a knock on our great troops, but what win Frank? Did you happen to miss how fast the Taliban overran the Afghan Army? Did you happen to miss the fact that the war in Afghanistan allowed Islam to be the driving force of the country’s Constitution? How are the non-Muslims do there? Are there any left Frank? I know! Never question the “experts”.

Face it friends. So called moderate Muslims are not going to save us from Islam. In fact millions upon millions upon millions of Muslims empower Islam through non-violent methods. Something Frank doesn’t even begin to understand.

Koran 2:195

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