Exclusive: Daniel Pipes’ Middle East Forum is Purposely Misleading the Public on Islam ~ Picture Proof

Friends when there is a problem in life the best way to solve it is to get to the root of it. Unfortunately when it comes to the threat of Islam itself Daniel Pipes’ and his sidekick Stacey Roman of the Middle East Forum (MEF) are not willing to do so. Instead they “fight” the fictional “Islamism” and $ell the public a feel good fantasy about Islam reforming. Along with their “pal” Zudhi Jasser. Now please ask yourself the following question. If Islam itself is not the problem, why does it need a reformation? Sadly if you ask tough questions like this during MEF webinars you get no answers.

Now I admit that sometimes facing problems can be tough to do. For many facing the harsh realities of the threat of Islam itself is hard to do because of its golden shield of religion status. Not only is the MEF afraid to face the harsh realities of Islam itself, they make things worse by blatantly misleading the public. Here is the picture proof from the latest MEF webinar I attended.

My “pal” Zuhdi. The most dangerous Muslim in America.
See the time notification. 10:20 AM.
Now see what is written next to the time notification. “Dismissed by host”.

Dismissed by host. Which is where moderator Stacey Roman messed up. Because dismissing it shows that she read it. Now if her and Pipes were on the up and up wouldn’t they want answers to those questions? Apparently they would rather continue to $ell the public the feel good fantasy of Islam reforming though. Why? Because it sounds nice and brings in endless revenue. Which is obviously the bottom line with the MEF. Me, I’ll stick with the truth. Because only the truth will keep our future generations free from the shackles of Islam.