General David Petraeus: No Change on Rules of Engagement

Just like General McCrystal, General Petraeus is more concerned with the people of Afghanistan, than his own troops. Our great troops are being forced to fight with one hand tied behind their back, and if the Soviets could not defeat the Taliban in a brutal war, how are supposed to win while fighting a politically correct war?

These ridiculous Rules of Engagement (ROE), stem from the nation building policy. I do not mean any disrespect to our great troops when I say this, because they did not write up the war plan, but nation building is a failure, as the infidel does not get to dictate to Muslims what Islam is. Iraq is now a Christian persecuting Islamic country, where the Shiite vs Sunni feud continues, and Afghanistan will always be an Islamic hellhole.

This is besides the fact that Islam is marching across the West. In the end what is the point of fighting them over there, and allowing Islam to takeover here? Our troops deserve better. It is time to bring them home, and end all Muslim immigration. The war is here now.

Newly appointed Afghan war commander General David Petraeus says there will be no change in the application of the rules of engagement in the US led war.

Petraeus made the remarks in Brussels on Thursday during a briefing to NATO officials about the war in Afghanistan

The remarks come as there are fears among some NATO countries that Petraeus would make changes in the current rules of engagement, which put restrictions on coalition attacks to limit civilian casualties.

The top US commander insisted that he had no plans to make it easier for NATO troops to use lethal force in operations in populated areas.

He said keeping civilian casualties to an “absolute minimum” would remain a key objective.

Petraeus also insisted that the foreign forces must achieve unity in order to meet their objectives in Afghanistan.

His visit came just one day after the US Senate confirmed him as the new top commander.

US President Barack Obama picked Petraeus to take charge of the 140,000 foreign troops in Afghanistan after he fired General Stanley McChrystal for publicly criticizing White House officials.

Petraeus predicts the war in Afghanistan may get more intense over the next few months. He has also warned that it could take a number of years before Afghan security forces can take over from the US-led troops.

The rising foreign casualties have sparked anger among the public in the countries allied with the US in Afghanistan.

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