Pamela Geller & Logan’s Warning “Discuss” the Abraham Accords

Do you remember several years ago when there was a conversation about illegal immigration across America? I do, and that is what needs to happen on the issue of Islam as well. Unfortunately the mainstream media is petrified to touch this issue. You would think that Pamela Geller would be willing to discuss it though. Which is what I attempted to initiate on the social media site GETTR. Attempting to discuss her support for the Muslim empowering Abraham Accords. “Treaties” between Israel and Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan, and the UAE. Countries that were not even in a physical war with Israel.

The following are the comments that I recently left for Pamela on her GETTR account.

Now Pamela could have simply ignored the comments, but her response is her acknowledgement that she read them. A response that might surprise you.

If her policies were so sound why would she run from discussing them?

Unlike her I will defend my policies. One being that trusting Muslims is a 1400 year old cultural suicide. The proof being that there are currently 195 nations on the planet. 50 of them being Muslim majority. Obviously that did not happen overnight. Most Muslims play the long game though.