The Clarion Project’s “Moderate” Muslim Money Maker

For years I have been warning the public about how The Clarion Project misleads the public on Islam. Even challenging their spokesperson Ryan Mauro to a debate on the issue.

Not only are they misleading America on Islam. They are also lining their pockets as they do so. Even asking President Trump for funding. As Just a few weeks ago Ryan Mauro appealed to the public that The President should financially aid Muslim groups that “fight Islamism”.


Now which organization would fit that bill? Well one would be Zuhdi’s American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

Who is a board member of Clarion? Zuhdi Jasser of course.

What a “coincidence”!

Now we go full circle, because Jasser himself has also made a recent public appeal for funding.


I can guess why we had shortcomings in outreach. If we had more funding, we could study this more scientifically…No one knows truly how that majority of Muslims feels about Islamist ideologies. National security is in desperate need of helping us study that. …We have not been able to effectively reach out to the majority of Muslims because of resources and the absence of effective platforms.

That statement was made after he reached out to 3000 U.S. Mosques inviting them to join him in a reformation of Islam. Yet only 40 replied.

National Security? Like Ryan he means the Trump administration.

Is that so Zudhi? That’s your “guess”? Unlike you Zuhdi, I do not have to “guess” why you had what you call shortcomings. I know why. For starters the Koran clearly states that the words of Allah cannot be changed.

Koran 6:34

Koran 10:64

Koran 18:27

How will funding Jasser change the words of Allah? Is Allah on the take? Can he be bribed? How much will it cost? Millions of billions of trillions of dollars? Considering Allah “rules the universe” why would he need the money?

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