California: Muslims Look to Double Up Mosque

I truly enjoy bringing my teammates articles that are about victories over Islam no matter where they take place on the planet. I also feel it is my duty to report the bad news on threat Islam as well in order to keep us up to date on the issue. Leading me to today’s report which is about a proposed doubling up of an existing Mosque in Simi Valley California that could possibly end up being a mega-Mosque.

Proposal to redevelop mosque in Simi Valley heads to planning commissioners

The Islamic Society of Simi Valley is seeking the city’s approval to replace its mosque with one twice its size at 4343 Township Ave.

The Simi Valley Planning Commission will discuss Wednesday whether to recommend the City Council approve the project.

Actually since Islam contradicts the US Constitution and is perpetual war against non-Muslims it should not be approved. Because obviously non-Muslims comprise most of America. Including US Politicians and Law Enforcement etc. Meaning Islam should be stripped of its religion status, and the US Government should be closing down Mosques across America.

The Islamic Society, also known as Green Crescent of Simi Valley, plans to demolish its single-story, 3,055-square foot structure built nearly 60 years ago. The organization wants to build a two-story, 6,780-square foot building at the same 0.64-acre parcel.

The new facility would feature a 1,470 square-foot main prayer hall, according to a city staff report. The rest of the space would include classrooms, kitchen, offices, library and lobby.

What the article fails to mention is that when Muslims pray they actually degrade Jews and Christians. Which again, comprises most of America.


The proposed new building would be more ornate than the current structure. Plans call for a 35-foot-high dome on the east side with a decorative minaret or tower, the staff report said. Minarets are traditionally used to announce a Muslim call to prayer, but city staff said there will be no amplified sound system connected to the tower.

A dome of dominance over the surrounding neighborhood? Once the door is open how long will it be before Muslims demand that they can broadcast the call to prayer onto the streets?

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In conclusion I will leave you with something to think about. Can Islam be protected as a religion and defeated at the same time?

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