Logan’s Warning Threatened With “Islamophobic” Lawsuit

Speak out against Buddhism, and it’s OK. Speak out against Christianity, and it’s OK. Speak out against Judaism, and that is OK as well. Speak out against Islam and it’s a whole different ballgame though. When a person criticizes any or all of those first religions is it basically shrugged off. When a person criticizes “the religion of peace” all hell breaks loose! Ranging from cyber-threats, to physical threats, to threats to your freedom of speech. This one coming from US Imam, Gareth Bryant. An America hating Imam who proudly supports 8 to 12 years old children being married off because they have reached puberty.

For those who do not know, Hassan Shibly was a high-ranking member of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). The keyword there is “was”. As he recently resigned from his position in January of 2021. The action coming after the following accusations came out against him.

For months, stories swirled around a prominent Muslim civil rights leader, alleging secret marriages, bullying, sexual harassment.

Then, late last year, some of the allegations against 34-year-old Hassan Shibly burst into public view. In a video posted on GoFundMe, Shibly’s estranged wife, mother of their three children, looked directly into the camera and begged for help. She said her abusive husband had cut her off financially.

“For years, I’ve been in an abusive relationship, and the situation at home has become unbearable,” Imane Sadrati said. “I finally decided to build the courage to start over for my children and

Hasan wasn’t the only Muslim lawyer that Gareth contacted. The problem here is that he admits that he initiated contact with me.

By “harassment” he really means that I exposed Yaser Aslam’s (A member of Gain Peace) attempts to mislead the public on Islam. For those who do not know, the City University of New York (CUNY) is a publicly funded institute that offers pro bono work to Mosques that have informants in them.

Islamophobia? This complaint sure sounds like a severe case of Alethophobia to me.

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