The Fight Against Islamic Expansionism Continues!

Although I was offline for about a week because of another cyberattack, I have come back to some very good news. Recently we have read about non-Muslims in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Tennessee, taking a stand against Islamic expansionism.

Today we learn that more of us have joined the fight. One new battle that has started is taking place in New Hyde Park Long Island, where Muslims of the Hillside Islamic Center are showing no respect for the residents in the area.

Mohamed Khan, a trustee, said the center, which has been in the community for seven years, bought the house behind the mosque hoping to increase parking availability for worshippers.

“We are proposing to put in 18 parking spots,” Khan told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera. The center currently has a 19 spot lot. He said on a busy evening many worshippers have to park on the street.

Homeowners say they oppose the plan for a new lot, not because of the religion, but because of further encroachment on residential lifestyle.

Ed Weiss is among the affected.

“…and where does it stop?” Weiss told WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs. “You know, does somebody all of a sudden decide that they want to buy two houses in the middle of Hillside Boulevard and, at that point, decide to put up a warehouse, and now you have trucks coming in and out of the neighborhood? That’s our concern.”

Now we get even better news out of Mayfield Kentucky. Where a Somalians man’s request for a permit to operate a mosque in the city was turned down. An unidentified person in the following excerpt truly gets it!

At the start of Aug. 24 meeting, board Chairman Austin Copeland said the meeting was “not to discuss one religion over another religion.”

Board member Don Simpkins added that if the board does “not treat everyone the same, it is discrimination.”

When he asked if the crowd understood, “there were several expressions of ‘no’ from the audience,” according to the meeting minutes.

One unidentified audience member said: “You cannot just talk about their religion without understanding they operate a different way of government that incorporates their religion.”

The zoning board unanimously denied the application based on a “change in characteristics and safety.”

I really like what I am beginning to see across America, and I just want to make one thing clear to the Muslims reading this site. You can scream “Islamophobia” all you want, but non-Muslims will not, I repeat, not allow Islam to dominate this country in the name of freedom of religion. Is that clear enough for you?