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Masjid Tuscan vs Logan’s Warning

If you are new to Logan’s Warning you might not know that there are numerous tactics that I use in order to expose Islam and the Muslim mindset. One is actually trying to engage in conversations with Mosques. Another is exposing them for the their whitewashing of Islam by obtaining the literature they hand out to the public. A third being actually infiltrating dawah conferences.

Dr. Sabeel Ahmed Preys on Elderly Woman

If you are new to Logan’s Warning and do not know who Dr. Sabeel Ahmed of Gain Peace is, he is a prominent Muslim propagandist who runs Mosque open houses.

South Koreans Fight Celebrity Mosque

Yes my friends, no matter what direction we look in the cancer of Islam is spreading, and the main reason for that is because of its golden shield of religious status. A shield that must be smashed in order to defeat Islam. Because respecting Islam as a religion is a 1400 year old proven cultural Islamicide.

NY: IDIOTS Firebomb Islamic Center ~ UPDATE in Comment Section

Now this is NOT the way to start off the new year in regards to the war with Islam! Yes Islam is at war with us, and smart infidels are at war with Islam in return. But when I say war, I do not mean a war of violence with Muslims in America. As idiotic violent actions like these attacks will only hurt us in the war with Islam. Islamic organizations like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), are going to take this act and run with it as long as they can. Besides CAIR, Muslims already have the ear of US authority figures across the country. We do not need Islam to become more protected than it already is.

Muslims Get Support of Italy’s Top Bishop to Build Mosque in Milan

I would personally like to “thank” Christian “leaders” across the world, for aiding and abetting in the destruction of Western Civilization. Unlike them I actually care about protecting life as I know it, so I have two questions for them. If they know the truth about Islam being a threat to Christianity, then why do they not have the courage to stand up for their own religion?

Brooklyn NY: Masjid Nur Al-Islam~ How They Lure Them in…

Recently I obtained some literature from Masjid Nur Al-Islam, located in the Kensington section of Brooklyn NY. The Masjid is known for blasting the call to prayer from its rooftop for all to hear. By analyzing the literature we’ll see how they are attempting to lure non-Muslims into their religion of domination.

Churches Open Doors to Islam…

Unfortunately this is not the first time we have seen this suicidal behavior. Why is it so hard for some Christians to understand that Islam is not Christianity friendly?! Have they even bothered to read the Koran? Because if they did they would know that Islam is a destructive religion/ideology and one of its main targets is Christianity! Or do they just want to take the easy way out and remain purposely blind?