Mali: The Declining Grand Mosque of Djenné Africa

While I woke up to a beautiful Sunday morning here in NY, things are not going so well for the historic Islamic “learning” center in Mali Djenne Africa. Which thankfully includes a major drop in tourism to the The Grand Mosque of Djenné. Which is actually a good thing. Because in the long run the less Islam is respected and empowered the better off the world will be.

It was once a center of Islamic learning. Now Mali’s historic city of Djenné mourns lack of visitors

DJENNE, Mali — Kola Bah used to earn a living as a tour guide in Mali’s historic city of Djenné, once a center of Islamic learning known for the sprawling mud-brick mosque that has been on the UNESCO World Heritage in Danger list since 2016.

Not all of the past is good for today. For instance, Islam is stuck in the past and that is where it belongs.

The Grand Mosque of Djenné — the world’s largest mud-brick building — used to draw tens of thousands of tourists to central Mali every year. Now it’s threatened by conflict between jihadi rebels, government forces and other groups.

LW: If you are new to the subject, Muslim civil wars are nothing new. Even Mohammad’s child “bride” Aisha led a Muslim civil war. Entitled the Battle of the Camel. If Muslims cannot get along that is on them.


The jihadis regrouped and launched relentless attacks on the Malian military, as well as the United Nations, French and regional forces in the country. The militants proclaimed allegiance to al-Qaida and the Islamic State group.

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LW: Muslims are in conflicts across the world. Even with each other. Making them the problem. A problem that the West cannot and should not attempt to resolve. Because doing so will just be an unfortunate loss of lives and treasure.