Brooklyn NY: Muslims Building Mosque on Residential Block~ Protests Coming up!

There is an obvious surge in Mosque construction, and Mosque proposals across America. This time the battle is taking place in Brooklyn NY, where Muslims are trying to build a Mosque on a residential block.

4) Neighborhood character. The site of the new construction used to be a private residence where an elderly couple lived for many years. Replacing this two story building with a structure meant to accommodate dozens if not hundreds of people will completely change the block and the neighborhood. There are no houses taller than 2 stories on either side of the street; every house is a one family residence. The neighborhood residents are mostly of Italian/Russian/Jewish/Irish decent and will not benefit from having a mosque and a Muslim community center. Some neighbors expressed security concerns as well as concerns about increased (again) traffic, noise and decreased parking associated with greater than before police presence.

As in NY, Staten Island, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, non-Muslims are finally fighting back. The organization that is selfishly building this Mosque, is the Muslim American Society. They are the same group that is behind the Staten Island Mosque.

The fight against this Brooklyn Mosque is being lead by Bay People. If you can show up at the protest, or can support them in anyother way, please visit their site. Which can be found HERE.

Bay People Inc.
1421 Sheepshead Bay Rd.
Post Mail Box 288
Brooklyn, NY 11235
“NO M.A.S.!”

Voorhies AvenueBetween E 28 and E 29 streets

Date: 06/27/2010
Time: 12noon–2PM

Event Information

Speakers welcome
Attire: Please wear white tops to show solidarity!!!
Please be polite and tolerant

Dear Friends,
Please join us for our neighborhood get– together to show your opposition to the proposed Mosque/community center.Do you want loud calls to prayer every day?Do you want pedestrian and car traffic? Do you want blocked sidewalks and driveways, no parking, constant police presence? Do you want Muslim American Society, organization with radical ties, selling literature and “educating” children next to your house? Come out! Let your neighbors know! Our voices must be heard!

Bay People against the Mosque on Voorhies Avenue

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