Why Mosques Should Be Shut Down

Let’s face it friends. What is being done by non-Muslims in this war is not even coming close to saving our future generations from Islamic rule. Muslims have successfully turned our freedoms into a tool of Islam, nation building didn’t work out the way President Bush thought it would, and “moderate” Muslims are not coming to the rescue. The way I see it is that we will eventually lose this war if there are no major changes in our laws and actions. The first changes should be for America to become energy independent and then end all Muslim immigration. For it is a Trojan Horse. Even after those actions we would still be left with IslamoBLOB slowly devouring America.

Great leaders such as Geert Wilders see this, and that is why he is calling for an end to Mosque Construction. He sees that the West has had more than enough Islam. So has a friend of ours who has been warning America to the threat of Islam for 40 years! That friend is Mr. Martel Sobieskey, a true patriot. Here is his latest…

Why Mosques Should be Shut Down

The die was cast in 632 AD when Mohammed built the first mosque in Medina. It became an inviolable and enduring precedent. Using the mosque as a base of infiltration and invasion, he methodically proceeded to destroy and obliterate all religions and governments throughout the Arabian Peninsula. It was as if some ghoulish monster had risen from the parched desert sands and could only slake its thirst by feeding on blood. It born a toxic formula carried thru to present time – first build mosques then conquer.

Now the monster of Islamofascism has risen in America with nearly 2000 mosques jeering at us, 80% of them financed by Saudi Arabia, an inimical foreign government, illicitly given trespass upon sovereign soil by our feckless and corrupt leadership besotted by Islamic oil money. The influence of Islamic oil money on America’s leadership is enormous to the extent that we have been “bought and paid for”. Steven Emerson of the “Investigative Project on Terrorism” (IPT) elucidates: “the enemy is advancing, fueled by unparalleled amounts of money, helping the Islamists garner unprecedented support from politicians, government officials, journalists, commentators, academics, and more.” Steven Emerson has compiled a mountain of evidence proving his case.

Each of these mosques is currently conducting various types of jihadist attacks such as: propaganda jihad, immigration jihad, education jihad, media jihad, marriage jihad, lawsuit jihad, moderate Islam jihad, sharia jihad, bribery jihad, stealth jihad and all varieties of nefarious and clandestine means to sabotage and undermine our nation as required by the Koran. All this has been enabled under the guise of “moderate Islam”, the most effective psychological warfare infiltration ruse in history.

In their booklet “The Mosque Exposed” , S. Solomon and E. Almaqdisi remark: “The mosque is the command and control center of Islam.” They further warn that by allowing mosques to be built in America we are helping build the enemies command and control center in the USA. They explain that Islam is at perpetual war with all non-Muslims and the mosque its center of operations. S. Solomon’s opinion is brilliantly qualified having been a former Islamic Sharia jurist.

In his article, “The Muslim Mosque: A State Within A State” , Vijay Kumar former Tennessee congressional candidate explains what a mosque does. “A mosque in the United States is a command and control center of a foreign political and military state that seeks the overthrow of our government, and an Imam in a mosque is a political and military representative of a foreign state that calls for the overthrow of the United States.” A native of India and longtime American citizen Vijay Kumar readily understands the atrocities perpetuated by the mosque community which have wreaked bloody havoc upon his country of birth for over 1000 years as required by the Koran.

Fellow Americans it is bad news if you have a mosque in your neighborhood, while putting on a smiling face it stealthily plots to emulate Mohammed in Medina – first build a mosque and next take over your neighborhood. The most important thing any American can do is steadfastly lobby for the shutting down of the mosque in their area.

Truth be told, Islam is not an authentic religion, rather it is an ideology of predation and the mosque is clearly the egg from which it hatches. The book, “Muslim Mafia”, by David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry reveals Islam to be a criminal gang bent upon worldwide conquest by hook or by crook. Please note, it is the death penalty for leaving Islam and the death penalty for criticizing Islam. Is not the death penalty the sine qua non of all criminal gangs? Genuine religions do not require the death penalty for apostates or detractors.
Undoubtedly the world’s most profoundly informed and stalwart expert telling the unabashed and candid facts about Islam and its mosques is former Muslim, Mr. Ali Sina. He states:

“The truth about Islam is ugly. It is so ugly that no one wants to look at it. We did. It is vile, disgusting and crude. We revealed that truth with brutal honesty, and challenged anyone to prove us wrong.”

Ali Sina offers $50,000 to anyone who can overturn the truth he tells about Islam and challenges everyone to debate. After 10 years of public debate he has easily defeated all opponents making him the paradigm of wisdom regarding all things Islamic. The truth will set us free and unless we adopt the sagacious consul of Ali Sina, Islam using the mosque as its base, will turn America into a living hell.

The “about me” section on Ali Sina’s website provides an insightful summary into the cruel realities of Islam. Ali Sina deserves a Noble Peace Prize for his efforts to educate our weak minded leadership and nation. If you think him wrong debate him, and you will discover your ignorance and perhaps your lack of intellectual honesty about the abject tyranny inherent in Islam. Ali Sina’s book “Understanding Mohammed and Muslims” is without comparison in the veracity of its content.

Habitually denying the obvious fact that mosques have never been benign places of worship will destroy any nation including ours. To the contrary, mosques are the beach heads, forward bases of invasion and infiltration encampments established for the usurping and destruction of their host country. Make no mistake about it, “moderate” mosques are the indispensable incubators nourishing the homegrown Islamic invasion of America. Here is a succinct and reliable depiction:

“Moderate” mosques are the harbingers of America’s demise. They are like cancer cells whose primary function is to metastasize and destroy all things non-Islamic worldwide.

This is not a personal opinion, rather it is the absolute mandate bellicosely commanded by Allah in the Koran. It is further ordered in Mohammed’s 800 page biography. It is required again by the Hadith reports, and dictated yet again by Sharia, the barbaric Islamic legal code that obligates under penalty of death, all mosques carry out the Islamic conquest of the entire world.

Any ideology that calls for the overthrow of the American government is obviously illegal and must be outlawed. The slam dunk evidence against mosques is the Koran and its supporting literatures. Please note, that’s four smoking guns, making mosques the most blatantly villainous institutions in the history of the USA. “Moderate” mosques clearly do not belong in the USA because they are mandated by the Koran to destroy us. For this reason, it is imperative that all mosques in America be immediately shut down, boarded up, shuttered, put out of business, and ceased from further operations.

“American Mosques: Jihad’s Incubators” was written by Frank Gaffney president of the Center for Security Policy. Gaffney cites research data that approximately 80% of American mosques advocate or otherwise promote violence. What the research omits is that 100% of mosques seek the downfall of our government. This is because the so called “moderate” mosques that do not openly advocate violence conduct a wily and surreptitious jihad causing much greater harm.

All mosques conduct two general types of jihad: bloody jihad and scam (propaganda) jihad also known as stealth jihad, a term coined by Robert Spencer in his excellent book “Stealth Jihad”. Scam jihad and bloody jihad work together “hand in glove” in all “moderate” mosques with the same goal of conquering America. If any American believes that the “moderate” mosque in their neighborhood is peaceful and does not want to overthrow the USA then they have been scammed and are a victim of propaganda jihad.

Tragically, the large majority of America’s leadership are dunces who have swallowed the verbiage of the propaganda jihad, and our entire national security apparatus has adopted the scam by touting the phrase “moderate” Islam. The mosques built in America have been allowed by cloaking themselves in the scam called — “moderate” Islam, making the label “moderate Islam” the most efficacious psyop in world history.

Here is a truism that will prove reliable: Any person who claims there is a “moderate mosque” that does not want to overthrow the USA is an incompetent fool, a laughing stock or corruptocrat committing sedition in broad daylight. Nowhere has this been better explained then by Christopher Logan at Logan’s Warning he sarcastically states,

“The moderate Muslims are not coming to the rescue.”

Christopher Logan is 100% correct because the so called “moderate” Muslims and mosques are 100% in support of the Islamic conquest of America and the entire world as required by the Koran.

In his book “Islam: The Enemy” Richard Crandall explains:

“Despite what the mainstream media reports, Islamic extremists or terrorists have not “hijacked” Islam: Islam itself is extreme and dangerous as shown by its core teachings, its prophet Mohammed’s words and actions, and its fourteen hundred year history.”

Richard Crandall tells the truth desperately needed during our national malaise of abject denial where crooked hacks and timid quacks contemptuously claim Islam to be a religion of peace. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Please see my article “At War with Islam” supporting his excellent work.

Shutting down the mosques now is a very compassionate and wise thing to do because it will prevent enormous social upheaval, economic upheaval and bloodshed in the years to come. It’s just like having small weeds in the garden, pluck them early or they will take over the garden. Enormous misery can be avoided by closing the mosques and preventing this barbaric ideology of predation called Islam from harming our nation further.

To reiterate, the sole purpose of every mosque is to promote and implement the dictates of the Koran, and the Koran is a manual of war and hatred against all non-Muslims everywhere. The Koran is the beating heart and life blood of every so called “moderate” mosque in America. The heartfelt wish of each mosque is to emulate Mohammed making every mosque an edifice of warfare and hatred “lying in wait.”

America has been succor punched, played for an infantile ignoramus and remains blinded by the term “moderate” Islam which has let an enemy invader establish its beach heads in our homeland. The situation is an emergency crisis and our house is on fire.

During its current infiltration stage “moderate” Islam puts on a smiling face playing us for gullible fools, telling us whatever we want to hear, while it shrewdly looks for ways to diminish and destroy us from within. There is no better way to harm us then to build another mosque. On the other hand there is no better way to stop Islamofascism then to shut down all mosques immediately. Take your pick. Either you aid an enemy in the conquest of your own nation or you immediately shut down the “moderate” mosques stopping the Islamic assault in its tracks. If you are a masochist, which the majority of Americans seem to be, then let the mosques thrive and they will bring the torture you so much relish. But if you are a patriot then demand that all mosques be shut today and you will have done your duty to protect our homeland.

“Mosque of Conquest” is an article by journalist William Federer. It gives a brief “bird’s eye view” of Islamic conquest and mosques though out the ages. Related to this is his book, “What Every American Needs to Know about the Koran”. It reveals the malice being taught at “moderate” mosques. Please note, a mosque may label itself as “moderate” but the Koran it cherishes is hardcore hate mongering and warfare. We must not be fooled by the façade; rather, our survival depends upon looking deeper into the malevolent message of the Koran. It cannot be over emphasized that the building of mosques is the first step of Islamic invasion. Perhaps this is why William Federer has titled his article “Mosque of Conquest”. He may well agree with the theme of this article: first build mosques, and then conquer.

Since 9/11 nearly 800 new mosques have been built in the USA according to Dr. Ihsan professor of Islamic studies at the University of Kentucky. The required and competent security measure was to shut down every Mosque on 9/12. There has never been a greater failure in our national security then categorizing mosques as religious edifices rather than enemy encampments of infiltration and subversion.

A competent American President will immediately shut down all mosques by executive order. Both Bush and Obama are guilty of extreme negligence and dereliction of duty for failing to do so and the scam of “moderate” Islam is laughing at our supine leadership. The Koran tells Muslims that we are inferior to them and they will rule over us. What better proofs have they than this proliferation of mosques after 9/11?

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan concisely portrays the inherently warlike agenda of mosques by quoting a renowned Islamic poet:
“The minarets are our bayonets, the domes our helmets, the mosques our barracks, and the faithful our army.”

Martel Sobieskey: has approximately 40 years research experience in the field of religious conditioning and its relationship to warfare. He is greatly alarmed that America’s politicians, military brass, educators, journalists, intelligence analysts, security and police personnel, have failed to comprehend the deeply entrenched jihadist conditioning inherent in all of Islam – “moderates” included.