Loving it! Republicans Speak out Against the Muslim Political Movement

This sure is great news to wake up to my friends. As we finally have some of our elected officials recognizing what I have been telling the public for years now. That Muslims are here to takeover and have successfully turned our freedoms into political tools of Islam. Just as they have in the UK.

Republicans Warn of ‘Massive Muslim Takeover’

Republican lawmakers have warned of a “massive Muslim takeover” in the U.K. government, while claiming that it could also happen in the U.S., despite Muslims making up a small percentage of the population in both countries.

On Wednesday, Representative Lauren Boebert, a Colorado Republican, posted a clip posted on X, formerly Twitter, of Representative Chip Roy, a Texas Republican, giving a speech on the House floor, voicing fears of Muslims gaining membership in the U.K. government.

Hopefully one politician and media outlet covering this major cultural issue will lead to more. Many more.

“You’ve got a massive Muslim takeover on the United Kingdom going on right before our eyes,” Roy said without giving evidence to back up his claims. “I’ve got some pretty strong concerns about Sharia law and whether that will be forced upon the American people.” Sharia law is the legal system followed by Muslims.

Evidence? You want some evidence? Start by clicking here and here.

“I’ve got pretty strong concerns about people who want to see Israel’s destruction. Who were happy about October 7th. Who are elected in the United Kingdom. Some might say that we’ve seen that here in the United States,” Roy said.

Speaking of calling for the destruction of Israel let us take a look at what the Hamas Charter states.

Roy then questioned if immigrants in the U.S. are being taught about Western civilization.

Unfortunately that would not make a much of a difference if at all. Because Muslims stand with Islam over all.


“MAGA [Make America Great Again] Rep Chip Roy fear mongers over ‘Muslims taking over UK & USA to enforce Shariah Law.’ Muslims are 6.5% of UK population & 1.5% of US population. Also we have state/religion separation. What Roy actually means is his religion should be enforced & others should be banned,” Rashid wrote.

Meanwhile Muslims are clearly changing America and the UK to suit Islam.

British-American journalist Medhi Hasan, editor-in-chief and CEO of the new media company Zeteo, posted: “‘You’ve got a massive Muslim takeover of the United Kingdom,’ says this massively dishonest, massively ignorant, massively bigoted GOP Rep, Chip Roy. Will he be condemned? No. Will the Dems who voted to censure Rashida Tlaib insist Roy be censured? No. Islamophobia is fine.”

Apparently Hassan believes it is a phobia for non-Muslims to oppose what is a clear threat to humanity.

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There you have it Patriots. Our hard truths on Islam are finally reaching higher places. Which is why we need to make Logan’s Warning the go to site on the threat of Islam. You can help do so by making a one-time or monthly contribution on the site today. Thank you.

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