Celebrity Wife: Muslims are “Here to Take Over”

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Well this is huge Patriots and exactly what we need more of. Prominent names coming out against Muslim immigration while exposing the harsh reality of the Israel vs. Palestine conflict.

Michelle Froome brands Muslims ‘a drain on modern society’ in social media tirade

Michelle Froome has said that Muslims are a “drain on modern society” and wrote that “there are no innocent Gazans” in a series of posts on the social media site X on Monday.

The wife and agent of the four-time Tour de France winning rider Chris Froome wrote that Muslims are “here to take over” and that she was “sick of sitting idly by quietly supporting Israel while the Hamas propaganda takes over social media”. Her statement “there are no innocent Gazans” came in the context of saying Hamas does not support diversity.


“Muslims are no longer the minority they claim to be,” Froome wrote. “They are here to take over. The UK, France, they are happy to claim the benefits but will not integrate into those communities. They will continue to TAKE what suits them. They are a drain on modern society.”

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While her statement will not sound pleasant to many, it is certainly a conversation that needs to be had. So let us start the conversation by taking a look at what some other websites have to say on the issue.

From Investors.com

As a result, welfare is abused by Muslims across Europe — some 80% of Muslim immigrants to Europe are on the dole, and more than half are “economically inactive.” Muslims claim disability more than any other group.

In the EU capital of Belgium, as well as neighboring Netherlands, Muslims are roughly 5% of the population yet consume 40% to 60% of the welfare budget. Belgium spends more on unemployment benefits than any other country outside Denmark.

From Muslimcensus.co.uk

Similarly, over 10% of those surveyed noted that they lived in social or council housing whilst a further 40% indicated that they were in receipt of some form of benefits. In both groups, over two-thirds of Muslims noted that they have experienced difficulty in affording at least one household bill.

From Europarl.europe.eu

Parliamentary question – E-009549/2013

European Parliament

Question for written answer E-009549-13
to the Commission
Rule 117
Mara Bizzotto (EFD)

The Egyptian researcher Ali Abd al-Aal, interviewed by a Lebanese TV station, said that at least 80% of the 50 million Muslims in Europe are living on social welfare benefits granted by their host countries.

The social welfare systems of some EU countries are therefore acting like a magnet, encouraging what is commonly known as ‘welfare tourism’, whereby individuals who have never contributed through their work to the welfare system of a Member State are making the absolute most of its benefits while the citizens of that country are being continually penalised due to the cuts made necessary by the insufficiency of available resources.

To further add credibility to her statement there is the following coming from prominent Muslim Anjem Choudary of the UK.

From Businessinsdier.com

Muslim Preacher Tells Followers Getting Welfare Cash For Holy Wars Is Easy And Right

Calling it a “Jihadi Allowance,” cleric Anjem Choundary, 45, has four kids, brings in £25,000, or just under $39,000 U.S. in benefits himself, and says that this is the way it is supposed to work according to Islamic law.

  • “We are on Jihad Seekers Allowance, we take the Jizya (protection money paid to Muslims by non-Muslims) which is ours anyway.
  • “The normal situation is to take money from the [non-Muslims] isn’t it? So this is the normal situation.”
  • “They give us the money. You work, give us the money. Allah Akbar, we take the money.  Hopefully there is no one from the DSS (Department of Social Security) listening.”
  • “Ah, but you see people will say you are not working. But the normal situation is for you to take money from the Kuffar (non-Muslim) So we take Jihad Seeker’s Allowance.”

As I said, this is certainly a conversation that needs to be had across the West. Thanks for opening the door Michelle.

While Michelle opened the door, I added the much needed pertinent information to the subject matter. Which is greatly needed in order to win the information war against Muslim propagandists. Let’s lock arms and make Logan’s Warning the go to site for information on the worldwide threat of Islam. You can do so by making a one-time or monthly contribution on the site today. Thank you.