Ilhan Omar and Mehdi Hassan are Getting “Exhausted” in the Information war!

It’s working my friends! There is a reason why I continue to say in order to win the war with Islam we must win the information war against Muslim propagandists. Which is something they obviously know as well. The bad news for them though is that we have them greatly outnumbered, and need to use that to our advantage.

There we see the crack in the armor. What they call Islamophobia, is nothing more than non-Muslims standing up against the hatred and perversion that stems from Islam. Which makes Islam a clear threat to our future generations.

For those who do not know of Mehdi, he is a Muslim propagandist who recently came over from the UK. Just like he did in the UK he works hand in hand with leftists who are hell-bent on destroying America/Western Civilization.

If MSNBC would actually do their job over leftist agenda they would expose Mehdi’s true Islamic colors.

Speaking of livestock.

Koran 7:179

The bottom line here is to follow the lead of Logan’s Warning and be relentless in the information war against Muslim propagandists. Within the law (no threats) pound away at the social media accounts of two of the top liars for Allah. Omar Ilhan and Mehdi Hassan. Wear the anti-American bastards out! Their lies are becoming exhausting.