Masjid Tuscan vs Logan’s Warning

If you are new to Logan’s Warning you might not know that there are numerous tactics that I use in order to expose Islam and the Muslim mindset. One is actually trying to engage in conversations with Mosques. Another is exposing Mosques for the their whitewashing of Islam by obtaining the literature they hand out to the public. A third being actually infiltrating dawah conferences.

Today we will take a look at an email exchange that I recently engaged in with Masjid Tuscan out of Arizona.

In my mind there is nothing lower than those who support child marriages, and believe they should be called out for their mindset of degeneracy Which was the reason I contacted the Mosque in the first place.

The Logan’s Warning interrogation begins.

The Masjid Tuscan contradictions and avoidance begins.

Please excuse my typo in the following screenshot. It should read “the so called Jesus of Islam”. Thank you.

Their final response.

My final response.

Now we will see that their translation still proves my point. That Islam is a threat non-Muslims.

Koran 9:29

The key word there is “unwillingly”.

Koran 9:30

In other words the Mosque believes that most of America (Christians) are condemned by God. Such gratitude.

Logan’s Warning, exposing Islam across America. Exposing Islam across the world. Which is exactly why we need to band together across the world and make this site the go to site on the threat of Islam. You can help do so by making a one-time or monthly contribution via the site today. Thank you.

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