Muslim Comment(s) of the day #15 ~ The Fight for Child sex

While much of the West feels the need to give Islam and Muslims the benefit of the doubt, I feel the need to expose Islam and the threatening Muslim mindset. A mindset that no other site wants to touch. Why? Because apparently your average Mo is off limits to so called experts such as Frank Gaffney, Pamela Geller, and Robert Spencer. All willing to give most Muslims the benefit of the doubt. A proven culture killing policy.

While Muslims mislead the public by continually parroting the “Islam is a religion of peace” falsehood, I call it like it is. Islam is an ideology of hatred and perversion. Unfortunately today we get to see more examples of examples of the deviant Muslim mindset.

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Yes friends, child sex in the guise of marriage is still child sex and there is nothing lower than that.

H/T on the meme to Meme Mike.

There you have it. A sickening mindset that is spreading across America. A mindset that the so called experts just cannot….