Jihad Watch ~ They Just Don’t get it

I will freely admit that Robert Spencer has done a good job with exposing the threat of Islam. Unfortunately after that his site does not have a strong consistent message at all. More like a bunch of double talk. For starters one of his staff writers, Christine Douglass-Williams, promotes the fantasy of an Islamic reformation. Which is nothing but false hope that lowers guard of many non-Muslims.

Penning the book “The Challenge of Modernizing Islam”. Irresponsibly misleading the public into believing that so called moderate Muslims are going to save us from Islam. Not happening.

From her Amazon summary: (Obviously I am not promoting the book.)

The entire foreign policy and much of the domestic policy of the United States and other Western governments are based on the proposition that the vast majority of Muslims are moderate and peaceful, including those who are emigrating in large numbers to Europe and North America. But as Islamist groups and many mosques radicalize peaceful Muslims and appeal to the teachings of the Koran, Hadith, and Sunnah, it is imperative for moderates and reformists to articulate a vision of Islam and an exegesis of Islamic texts that can withstand the challenge of Islamists and the ulema who have declared the sanctity and immutability of the text. Instead, they must re-establish a firm foundation of Islam that is modernized, genuinely peaceful, tolerant, pluralistic, and compatible with secular governance, the freedom of speech, human rights, and equality.

The Challenge of Modernizing Islam is the first major effort to provide that foundation. Veteran journalist Christine Douglass-Williams interviews foremost moderate and reformist Muslims in the Western world. She asks them tough questions about how they deal with problematic Koran passages, how they intend to get their message across to the Muslim world, and more.

Their answers are revelatory, even in the ways in which they disagree with one another. Douglass-Williams has captured the Islamic Reformist movement in its full intellectual ferment, laying bare the tensions and triumphs of the Reformers. In the book’s second half, she adds a crucial series of searingly honest and illuminating reflections on the challenges the reformers face, the chances they have of succeeding, and the implications of their struggle for the future of the Western world and of all free people.

Illuminating, engaging, and thought-provoking, The Challenge of Modernizing Islam is an essential text for understanding the future of the United States and the West, and the implications of Muslim moderates’ struggle for the free world.

In the past Spencer used to challenge America’s poster boy so called Muslim reformer Zudhi Jasser. Instead these days he promotes his Islamocon by promoting Christine. Who played right into Jasser’s hand in her book interview with him. Not even coming close to challenging him and allowing him to dictate the narrative. Unable to use the Koran to explain why Islam will not reform.

Using his terms of Islamism and Islamists. Which lays a smokescreen for Islam itself and gets the focus off the the fact that everyday Muslims are selfishly changing the West to suit Islam. Allowing Jasser to imply that Islam itself is not political. When it fact there are laws in the Koran itself, Such as amputations for theft, Koran 5:38, crucifixions as a punishment for those who “wage war on Allah”, Koran 5:33, and lashings for adultery, Koran 24:2.

Her second interview was of The Clarion’s Project’s Raheel Raza. An organization which promotes the message of Islamic reform but cannot even explain how it will happen.

To make matters worse back in 2013 Robert Spencer actually issued a statement which encouraged non-Muslims to be against banning Islam. Talk about an irresponsible action! One that was also supported by Pamela Geller.

Seven years later. How is attempting to coexist with Islam in America working out Robert?

Recently I decided to ask Christine basically the same question via Sharia Crime Stoppers. Her response did not even make sense though. Because respecting Islam as a religion is what empowers Muslims to change every sector they enter to suit Islam.

Cue to the 1:12:28 mark.

Unlike The Clarion Project, Sharia Crime Stoppers, and Jihad Watch, I will not mislead the public into believing a feel good fantasy. Because history shows us that respecting Islam as a religion is a 1400 year-old proven cultural suicide, and only a strong consistent message will defeat Islam. Unfortunately some people just never learn. #Islamicroulette

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Christopher Logan