ESPN Senior Writer Takes Exception to my Truths on Islam

If you have been following Logan’s Warning for awhile you most likely know that I am willing to discuss Islam with anyone. In fact the bigger than name the better. In fact I go out of my way online in an effort to find willing participants. Sometimes though they mistakenly come to me though. Recently ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski made that mistake.

A few weeks ago I snuck back on Twitter, and yes. I knew my lifespan there would not last as usual. During my travels there I came across Muslim Aarif Deen, a reporter on the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche. The problem here is that those who are not educated on Islam will not see past his hockey reporting.

Doing what the mainstream media will not do, I immediately challenged him on Islam.

As you can see he is acting like he has no issues with non-Muslims. So I brought up the fact that Muslims degrade Jews and Christians when they pray.

Of course Aarif would not discuss the issue with me. Because he knows what I said is true. Instead he relied on one of his useful idiots to fight for him and Islam. After that point Aarif asked his followers to report me to Twitter. You know, silence the truth because Islam is so vile.

Out of nowhere Senior Hockey Writer, Greg Wyshynski, of ESPN came charging “across the ice” to defend what he clearly doesn’t know. As if he had some bite in “his game”.

The Tweet that cannot be viewed is from Aarif who went on to block me.

What happened to Greg when I was willing to drop the debate gloves?

My friends, without useful idiots like Greg, Islam would not stand a chance in the West. What can be done about it? As teammates you can share my articles, and make a one-time holiday contribution. Or become a monthly subscriber. Monthly plans are as low as just .16 cents a day. Both options are on the left-hand side of the site. Our future generations are counting on us!

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