US Muslim Chaplain to Logan’s Warning ~ Females who hit Puberty at 8 to 12 are no Longer Children…

Yes I know! The headline is absolutely sickening! Unfortunately I have no choice but to report the truth here on Logan’s Warning. No matter how disturbing it is. If you have been following my site this week you probably read my article that exposed US Muslim Chaplain Gareth Bryant’s ungrateful attitude and absolute hatred for the country he resides in. America. As I promised at the end of that article his mindset only gets worse.


As you will see I despise this Muslim mindset of perversion. Or anyone else who thinks like he does.

Apparently Gareth believes it is a phobia to oppose what those with morals see as child marriages.

Sadly he is too insane to see how insane he actually is.

Apparently I am the “bad guy” for wanting to protect little girls from sexual predators.

Islam is the darkness. Unfortunately Gareth is blinded by it.