Robert Spencer & Daniel Pipes Team up to $ell the Public False Hope

Unfortunately in the “anti-jihad” movement there are two camps. Which I have dubbed the “fantasy-$ellers”, and the “truth-tellers”. For years two of main purveyors of false hope have been The Clarion Project, and Daniel Pipe’s Middle East Forum. Now unfortunately who I used to call the Dynamic Duo, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, have over the years turned into the Delusional Duo. Which started with their terribly irresponsible statement which encouraged non-Muslims to take a stand against banning Islam.

Since then things with the Delusional Duo have only gone further downhill. With Pamela Geller $elling the false hope of the so called peace deals between a few Muslim majority countries, one being Sudan, and Israel. Meaningless pieces of paper that only empower the enemy. Apparently Pamela has chosen Muslims over US Citizens, because the massive stimulus bill that President Trump recently signed allocates $700,000,000 for that Sudan deal.

That’s right! Muslims over homeless US Veterans.

Flip-flopping Robert

At least 9 years ago (the links have since expired) Robert had made the following statement:

Yet today Robert participated in a Daniel Pipe’s Middle East Forum (MEF) webinar. Which was to plug his new book, “Did Mohammad Exist?”

During the webinar (cue the 18:20 mark) Robert actually implied that a “liberal modernized” version of Islam could come about with the belief that the leader of Islam, Mohammad himself, was a not a real figure in history. Right Robert, that’s going to happen….

Of course I submitted a few common sense comments and questions. (Please excuse the typos.)

Of course the moderator Stacey Roman would not read them. Why? Because fantasy Islam is what a lot of non-Muslims want to hear. In other words, it’s a big $eller.

What the MEF and Spencer do not understand or want to admit is that….

Hat tip on the meme to Mike Ram.

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