It’s Muslim Comedy Hour! ~ Starring Dr. Sabeel Ahmed & Yaser!

Chevy Chase? Eddie Murphy? Jerry Seinfeld? Richard Pryor? Rodney Dangerfield? Forget those guys! They are just wannabe comedians compared to the new act that is in town. Starring the latest comedy duo, Dr. Sabeel Ahmed, and “Brother” Yaser! Get ready to…. ROFL!

ROFL! What an opening act!

Of course a Muslim comedy act is not complete without the attempted Islamocon.

What the duo fail to tell that public is that they have purposely misquoted Koran 5:32. Leaving out the most important part of the verse. The part that changes it from non-threatening to a license to kill.

Koran 5:32

As you can see, they left out the part which states that one can be killed for “corruption” or “spreading mischief” in the land. Which can be defined as most anything. The concept is called fasad.

Koran 2:11, as per the world renowned Tafsir (scholarly interpretation and explanation of the Koran).

That sure sounds that critics of Islam can be killed under Islamic rule.

To add to the deception let us move on from 5:32 to 5:33.

Koran 5:33, as per Tafsir Ibn Kathir

What was that about Muslims condemning violence? Fact is that their hero Mohammad was a violent pervert. Fact is that moderate people do not support amputations and crucifixions.

Of course the extremists of Gain Peace fly away when I refute their Islamocons. Going as far to permanently ban my comments from their live video chats. So much for “interfaith” dialogue.