Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Exposed for Misleading America on Islam!

Why we cannot coexistOne of the biggest obstacles that is slowing down our impending victory over Islam in the West, is the false notion that there is a group of “good” Muslims that are going to transform the ummah, and save us from Islamic rule.

I usually do not bother to get into the different sects of Islam because they all read from the same hate-filled Koran. Making them all a threat. But today I feel I need to take the time and expose how the Ahmadiyya (Ahmadi) community is misleading the public on Islam. A sect many non-Muslims promote as if they will save us from the barbarity of Islam.

On the social networks the Ahmadis live on the #loveforallhatredfornone hashtag.

But if we take a look at The Official Website of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, and click on the link to Koran we see how they are misleading the public.

Ahmadi official site

Is this the “love for all” they had mentioned?

Koran 5:52 

Ahmadi 5 51


Or this one?

Koran 9:30

Ahmadi 930

Is this the “hatred for none” they had mentioned?

Koran 3:57

Ahmadi 3 57

Or this one?

Koran 9:73

Ahmadi 9 73

Besides that hashtag Ahmadis are also using #trueIslam which is also a website, that has set up an 11 point plan that not only whitewashes Islam, but exploits naive and trusting non-Muslims. As they are asking for non-believers to promote their deception and lies.

Ahmadi second site home

Ahmadi second site home 2

The first sign of deception on that page is that ISIS is clearly fueled by the Koran.

Now as usual, I will refute their Islamic propaganda point by point. Today we will take on the first five.

Ahmadi True Islam pts 1

1. Islam rejects all forms of terrorism.
But the fact is that the Koran actually sanctions terrorism.

Koran 3:152

Ahmadi 3 152

Besides that in the world renowned Bukhari Ahadith Mohammad admitted he was a terrorist. (3 pictures above the Ahmadis said he was an exemplary model to follow.)

I have been made vic

2. Beliefs in non-violent jihad of the self and pen. But in order to back up their claim they use the old Islamocon of purposely misquoting the verse 5:33 (5:34 on the other site)

Ahmadi 5 33 or 4

As usual they omit the most important part of that verse. That killing a person is allowed if they are “creating disorder” or “mischief” or “corruption” in the land. Which can be defined as most anything. The concept for this license to kill is called fasad.

Koran 5:34

Ahmadi 5 34

Unless of course they do not view crucifixion as an act of violence. Was it that? Or were they just hoping that we did not take the time to read a Koran?

3. Believes in the equality education and empowerment of women.
Does sharing your husband with up to three more wives sound like equality to you?

Koran 4:4

Ahmadi 4 4 wives

In Islam a women’s in court testimony is worth less than a mans. That must be the definition of “Islamic equality”?

Koran 2:283

Ahmadi 2 283 in court

Apparently they believe that taking women as sex slaves (right-hand possesses) is an act of empowerment.

Koran 4:25

Ahmadi 4 25

4. Advocates Freedom of conscience, religion and speech.
To back this up they use the old “no compulsion in religion” Islamocon.

Ahmadi no compulsion

But what they fail to mention is that Islamic rule is to be forced upon non-Muslims if not voluntarily accepted.

Koran 9:29

Ahmadi 929

Obviously that is not freedom of religion. Does the fact that we could be killed for just “insulting” Allah constitute freedom of speech to them?

5. Separation of Mosque and state.
Their deception here is that the Koran does not separate Mosque and state. In fact there are laws in the Koran, barbaric ones.

Koran 5:39 Amputation

Ahmadi 5 39

Koran 24:3 Lashings 

Ahmadi 24 3

There you have it friends. #Muslimslie 

After reading this article please as yourself the following two questions.

1. Do you still trust the Ahmadis?

2. Would you want your future generations living under Ahmadi rule?

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