Koran Readings on the Streets of NYC!

Just the other day I was taking a walk through midtown Manhattan, passing a block that had at least one of NY’s numerous halal food carts on it. As I was walking by I noticed two kids next to the cart who were reading the Koran. Even though NY is rolling out the red carpet of Islam, this was a first for me.

So the next day I made sure I passed through the same block, and once again, two kids were there. One with the Islamic manual of war, in his hand.


Taking a closer look:


Now I fully understand that some readers might think this is no big deal at all. But it is if you think long term here, because the kids are being indoctrinated with an ideology that is out to destroy America as we know it. This seemingly benign action is what I call “Insidious Islam”.

Remember, in regards to Islam things were not anywhere as bad in the UK 10, 20, years ago…..




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