NYC: Rolling out the Red Carpet for Islam

When I think of Islam and NYC, two things come to mind. Obviously the first is 911, the day teams of wanna-be Mohammad’s destroyed the Twin Towers. The second is the foolishness which followed that tragic day. Since then NYC has been committing a slow suicide by rolling out the red carpet for Islam, and Muslims are selfishly taking full advantage of the hospitality.  From surrounding Ground Zero with halal food carts, to the Islamic prayers being broadcast onto the streets,  to Muslims praying on the streets of the city, Islam is unfortunately becoming more and more visible across the city, and yesterday as I spotted another example of Islam in our face!

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Allah halal cart 5

As I was walking past the halal food cart I noticed the following sign posted on it:

Allah halal cart 3

Upon further inspection, I saw that the Muslims in the cart were brazenly proclaiming the “greatness” of Allah.

Allah halal cart 2

Allah halal cart 1

While this might seem benign to some, it is yet another example of Muslims attempting to make Islam part of mainstream America. Attempting to make Islam seem like a non-threat to non-Muslims. Which is far from the truth….

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