~Shariah is Coming… Whether We Like It Or Not?!~

I DON’T think so! Not as long as WE continue to educate, expose, and present the dangers of Shariah to whoever will listen… However, the message from Muslims across the world is that they WILL put us under the boot heel of Islam, as their scriptures mandate them to do.

Koran verse 003.083
YUSUFALI: Do they seek for other than the Religion of Allah?-while all creatures in the heavens and on earth have, willing or unwilling, bowed to His Will (Accepted Islam), and to Him shall they all be brought back.


Are you willing to face the reality of this situation? Because I will make this crystal clear for you: this is no game! Are you going to sit by idly and watch Islam devour the world? Or are you going to take a stand for life and liberty as you know it?! Our clock is ticking….it is time for America to rise up against this deadly threat!