Exclusive: Logan’s Warning Infiltrates NY Islamic Dawah Conference

Once again this afternoon I took it upon myself to do what the mainstream media will not do. Expose the Islamic movement in America. The difference this time is that I didn’t do it online. Instead I went undercover at an Islamic dawah (inviting non-Muslims to Islam) conference held by Dr. Sabeel Ahmed of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).

Walking past a Church towards the Mosque I suddenly heard a disturbing sound. The Islamic call to pray. A call to a pray which actually degrades Christians.

Apparently Sabeel and Co. are all for the dominance that Islam calls for over Christianity. Because the call to prayer could easily be heard on the nearby Church’s grounds.

Koran 9:33

The middle building is the back of the Mosque.

Less than 20 feet behind me is the Church.

Upon entering the Mosque they were about to start the prayer. On an estimate I would say that there were approximately 170 in attendance and that was just the males only. Because the females were on a different floor. Since I was not going to pray I asked if a non-Muslim was allowed to attend the dawah conference and they obviously said yes. Though for some reason they announced there was a non-Muslim in attendance and to be polite. Of course if they had known it was me I would have to wonder how friendly they would all be….

Even though I have easily exposed the host Sabeel for the Muslim propagandist he is, there was talk amongst the crowd stating that he is famous. As he was walking to the microphone I noticed one odd thing. There was no applause at all. To add to it, the females were not even allowed to view him. As they were sat on the other side of a portable wall. Because we “all know if there are no wall there a mass orgy would immediately break out” So they were forced to just listen to him on a speaker.

The wall of Islam. Yet the taking of non-Muslim sex slaves are sanctioned in Islam. Koran 4:24, 4:25, and 33:50.

For awhile I was just sitting and taking mental notes of what Sabeel had to say. Then when I saw a few Muslims filming the conference I decided to film as well. In the following video Sabeel is actually encouraging Muslims to mislead non-Muslims on Islam. Stating the “respect” Islam has for parents.

Of course Sabeel fails to mention Koran verse 9:23. From the world renowned Tafsir (scholarly interpretation and explanation of the Koran) Ibn Kathir.

If you have heard Sabeel on the airwaves you probably know that he comes off as being very personable and other religion friendly. Yet here I catch him on camera attacking Christians just because they see Jesus as the Son of God. Accusing them of “shirk”, the most egregious “sin” in Islam.

To add to it. Does Sabeel disclose the fact that Islam calls for the persecution Christianity? Obviously not.

Is Islam Christianity friendly? Obviously not. Can Sabeel be trusted? Obviously not.

Stay tuned for part ll. The literature.

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Christopher Logan