Logan’s Warning Literally Leaves Islamicity.org Speechless in a Debate on Islam

If you are new to Logan’s Warning you might not yet understand why I challenge Muslims to discussions on Islam. The answer is simple. Because we cannot win the war with Islam, if we do not win the war against Muslim propagandists.

For those who are not aware of Islamicity.org, they are a major Muslim run publication that is based in America. One that does not hide its agenda of wanting Islamic rule.

This morning I was looking for something to write an article on, and it hit me to visit their site. As soon as I did I noticed their chatroom and jumped right in. The results are picture perfect. Literally.

Before you start, I would like to explain why you will see some repeat comments. I purposely did it that way in order to show an unbroken chain of conversation. This way Muslims cannot claim that I edited things out.

Please note the time of my last comment. 7:38 AM.

As you can see Rana has fled the interview!

There you have it. Team Islamicity took off on Mohammad’s flying horse!

As I said, we cannot defeat Islam without defeating Muslim propagandists. Let’s keep the ball rolling Patriots! You can help do so by making a monthly or one-time contribution on the site today.