Dr. Sabeel Ahmed Preys on Elderly Woman

If you are new to Logan’s Warning and do not know who Dr. Sabeel Ahmed of Gain Peace is, he is a prominent Muslim propagandist who runs Mosque open houses. Which are used by him in an attempt to gain non-Muslim support for Islam. Of course he does this by misleading non-Muslims on Islam, because the truth is that Islam isn’t non-Muslim friendly.

Now there is low, and there is low. This is low.

As I said this is low. A grown man who has no qualms over misleading an elderly woman who is in tears.

Let us take a look at the “respect” Islam gives to females.

Gender Discrimination in Islam

Koran 4:34

As you can see Islam sanctions domestic violence against females.

Further explained in Tafsir Ibn Kathir.

Koran 2:282, in court testimony. Tafsir Ibn Kathir

It sure sounds like Islam does not appreciate women.

Islamic “respect” at its “finest”.

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