Voicemails From Hell

For those who are not on the social application Telegram here is a little information about it. Not only does it have rooms that you can text in, it also gives users the option to leave voice messages.

While I have received more than my share of threats in the past, they were all written threats. Today we will hear a different level of threats. Voicemail threats from demons for Allah.


Where would the demon ever get the idea of beheading me?
Koran 47:4

I Will be Happy if you die Logan

I’ll Rape you and your Mother

To further expose his mental disease called Islam, Peter Radish, who claims to reside in the Netherlands, sent me the following text threat. What could we expect from a so called man who sees Prophet Pervert (Mohammad) as a great man?

As you can see the demon is obsessed with me all because he doesn’t like the truths I present against Islam.

So much for the “religion” of peace.

As you can see I am willing to take the heat, and will never stop exposing the threat of Islam itself and the Muslim mindset. Now I am asking Patriots to join the Logan’s Warning team. You can do so by making a one-time or monthly contribution on the site today.

Thank you.