The NYPD Flouts the law for Shia Muslims

How can this be? Where is Commander Cuomo and Dictator De Blasio? What happened to the mandates on mask wearing and social distancing? Are they afraid to take on Muslims? Because that is certainly the way it appears in this NYC video which was recorded in August of 2020.

Watch as the NYPD allows Shia Muslims to break the Covid laws as they beat themselves black and blue for the Shia festival of Ashura. A day to “celebrate” the martyrdom of Imam Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of Mohammad.

To add to the State’s blatant favoritism of Muslims, the owner of the channel blatantly lies in the face of what we see in the video.

What Noor24434 really means is that they would like to thank the NYPD for allowing Muslims to flout the law. Just as the Koran states.

Koran 33:01

When will the NYPD allow the Ashura self-mutilation to begin? In 2021 or 2022?