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South Koreans Fight Celebrity Mosque

Yes my friends, no matter what direction we look in the cancer of Islam is spreading, and the main reason for that is because of its golden shield of religious status. A shield that must be smashed in order to defeat Islam. Because respecting Islam as a religion is a 1400 year old proven cultural Islamicide.

US Based IslamiCity.Org ~ Only Islamic Law is Acceptable

I admit it, right after 911 the day Islam shook America, I believed that Muslims in America were different from Muslims elsewhere. For instance, different from Muslims in the UK where they are clearly and selfishly changing the country to suit Islam. Showing no concerns at all for the wants and beliefs of the non-Muslim majority there.

Media Failure Alert ~ Robert Spencer & Breitbart Lend Support to a Muslim Running for Congressional Office

The first phase in winning the war with Islam is winning the information war. A war in which the Muslim propaganda misinformation machine runs 24/7. Part of the misinformation they spread is that Muslims can be trusted, and that we can peacefully coexist with Islam in America. Which is just false hope.