UK Quisling Convert Praises the Leader of the Armenian Massacres

Wait a second! How can this be?!?! I have been told over and over that Islam is a “religion” of peace”. I have been told over over that poverty is one of the main causes of Islamic terrorism. I have been told over and over that we need to respect Islam as a religion. Well here is what all of that advice has lead to.

Just last month the quisling convert to Islam, Paul Williams, was praising Islamic martyrdom. Today he has taken his treacherous alliance to Islam even further. By praising Abdul Hamid ll, AKA as the Red Sultan for his massacres of the Armenians.

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As stated, Paul’s hero was the Muslim behind the Armenian Massacres.

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Where does this call to persecute non-Muslims stem from? Islam itself.

The only question now is, how far will Paul go? If you are in the UK I urge you to report him to the authorities. Who can be contacted by clicking HERE.