Organization of Islamic Cooperation Islamocons the World

Every once in awhile someone asks me why we as non-Muslims are currently losing the war with Islam. My response is basically the same every time. There are two main reasons and the first is that we are fighting a 24/7 endlessly funded Islamic propaganda machine. The main perpetrators of this crime against humanity is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

OIC takes part in Second UN High-Level Conference of Heads of Counter-Terrorism Agencies of Member States

Date: 01/07/2021

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) participated in the Second United Nations High-Level Conference of Heads of Counter-Terrorism Agencies of Member States held virtually over 28-30 June 2021 under the theme of “Preventing Terrorism in the Age of Transformative Technologies”, as part of its constant commitment in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism.

Sounds nice right? Unfortunately it’s an Islamocon. Because Islam is terrorism and violent extremism.


  1. Islam sanctions the taking of sex slaves, AKA “right hand possess”. Call it what you want, but those with morals know that the taking of sex slaves is rape, AKA terrorism.

An horrific action that was approved by the leader of Islam, Mohammad himself.

To make matters worse Mohammad was also for the impregnation of the captives of war. Which is impregnation by rape!

Sahih Muslim Book 008, Hadith Number 3371.

Chapter: Al-Azl (incomplete sexual intercourse): Coitus Interruptus.

Abu Sirma said to Abu Sa’id al Khadri (Allah he pleased with him): O Abu Sa’id, did you hear Allah’s Messenger (May peace be upon him) mentioning al-‘azl? He said: Yes, and added: We went out with Allah’s Messenger (May peace be upon him) on the expedition to the Bi’l-Mustaliq and took captive some excellent Arab women; and we desired them, for we were suffering from the absence of our wives, (but at the same time) we also desired ransom for them. So we decided to have sexual intercourse with them but by observing ‘azl (Withdrawing the male sexual organ before emission of semen to avoid conception). But we said: We are doing an act whereas Allah’s Messenger is amongst us; why not ask him? So we asked Allah’s Messenger (May peace be upon him), and he said: It does not matter if you do not do it, for every soul that is to be born up to the Day of Resurrection will be born.

2. Then there is this “gem” from Mohammad.

Violent Extremism

  1. Amputations, Koran 5:38

2. Crucifixions, Koran 5:33

3. Lashings, Koran 24:2

OIC: Ambassador Tarig Ali Bakheet, OIC Assistant-Secretary General for Humanitarian, Social and Cultural Affairs, in the name of His Excellency the OIC Secretary General, stressed the importance the OIC attaches to the promotion of the values of moderation, tolerance and dialogue.

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Apparently what Muslims call moderate, those with morals call extremism.

Apparently what Muslims call tolerance, non-Muslims call oppression.

Pact of Umar

(Do not initiate the Salam to the Jews and Christians, and if you meet any of them in a road, force them to its narrowest alley.) This is why the Leader of the faithful `Umar bin Al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, demanded his well-known conditions be met by the Christians, these conditions that ensured their continued humiliation, degradation and disgrace. The scholars of Hadith narrated from `Abdur-Rahman bin Ghanm Al-Ash`ari that he said, “I recorded for `Umar bin Al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, the terms of the treaty of peace he conducted with the Christians of Ash-Sham: `In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. This is a document to the servant of Allah `Umar, the Leader of the faithful, from the Christians of such and such city. When you (Muslims) came to us we requested safety for ourselves, children, property and followers of our religion. We made a condition on ourselves that we will neither erect in our areas a monastery, church, or a sanctuary for a monk, nor restore any place of worship that needs restoration nor use any of them for the purpose of enmity against Muslims. We will not prevent any Muslim from resting in our churches whether they come by day or night, and we will open the doors ﴿of our houses of worship﴾ for the wayfarer and passerby. Those Muslims who come as guests, will enjoy boarding and food for three days. We will not allow a spy against Muslims into our churches and homes or hide deceit ﴿or betrayal﴾ against Muslims. We will not teach our children the Qur’an, publicize practices of Shirk, invite anyone to Shirk or prevent any of our fellows from embracing Islam, if they choose to do so. We will respect Muslims, move from the places we sit in if they choose to sit in them. We will not imitate their clothing, caps, turbans, sandals, hairstyles, speech, nicknames and title names, or ride on saddles, hang swords on the shoulders, collect weapons of any kind or carry these weapons. We will not encrypt our stamps in Arabic, or sell liquor. We will have the front of our hair cut, wear our customary clothes wherever we are, wear belts around our waist, refrain from erecting crosses on the outside of our churches and demonstrating them and our books in public in Muslim fairways and markets. We will not sound the bells in our churches, except discretely, or raise our voices while reciting our holy books inside our churches in the presence of Muslims, nor raise our voices ﴿with prayer﴾ at our funerals, or light torches in funeral processions in the fairways of Muslims, or their markets. We will not bury our dead next to Muslim dead, or buy servants who were captured by Muslims. We will be guides for Muslims and refrain from breaching their privacy in their homes.’ When I gave this document to `Umar, he added to it, `We will not beat any Muslim. These are the conditions that we set against ourselves and followers of our religion in return for safety and protection. If we break any of these promises that we set for your benefit against ourselves, then our Dhimmah (promise of protection) is broken and you are allowed to do with us what you are allowed of people of defiance and rebellion.”’

Apparently what Muslims call dialogue, is the whitewashing of Islam.

Oh yeah, the other main reason we are currently losing the war to Islam…

Something those over at Jihad Watch and the Geller’s Report do not even begin to understand.

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