US Muslim Chaplain Responds to Logan’s Warning Articles

If you follow Logan’s Warning you probably have noticed my new “Muslim Comment of the day” series. Created in an effort to do the job our government and mainstream media will not do. Expose the Muslim mindset. Because we cannot defeat Islam without understanding their mindset.

What new readers of Logan’s Warning might not know is that when I challenge Muslims on their beliefs, or challenge so called Patriots who mislead the public on Islam I either email them the articles, on post it on their social media accounts in an effort to give them the opportunity to defend themselves. Today we get to look at the responses from the American hating US Muslim Chaplain Gareth Bryant.

His first response is in regards to my “US Muslim Chaplain to Logan’s Warning ~ F#@k America!” article.

Yes I freely admit that I made a typo, but that doesn’t negate his hatred for America and non-Muslims.

His second and third responses are in regards to my “US Muslim Chaplain to Logan’s Warning ~ Females who hit Puberty at 8 to 12 are no Longer Children…” article.

Wow! The point is that what he repulsively views as legitimate marriages are seen as child marriages to those with morals.

As I have been saying. Islam is an ideology of hatred and perversion. The brainwashing is complete.