Exclusive ~ Child Marriage Supporting Imam Hired by “Mental Health” Org That Counsels Children

Friends, if you are like me you know that there is no one who needs our protection more than the children of America. Which is why this article is beyond disturbing. If you have been following my recent articles on the America hating, and child marriage supporting US Muslim Imam/Chaplain, Gareth Bryant, you will see the major concerns I have with this hiring.

From Gareth’s website.

Upon doing some research on the Relief Counseling Group I discovered that they are Muslim run organization out of Raleigh NC that specializes in “counseling” children.

When it comes to Gareth I wish their mission statement were true. Let the children and adolescents grow into adults before granting them permission to get married. Because child sex in the guise of marriage, is still child sex.

The Relief Counseling Group mission statement also mentions having respectful professionals on their staff.

So much for respect….

From the Relief Counseling Group’s “Meet the Team” page.

Now my question is did the Relief Counseling Group not know about Gareth’s disturbing views or do they just not care?

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