Muslim Reader to LW: You Should be Killed/Crucified

While the overwhelming majority of the Muslims that I speak to attempt to mislead me on Islam, some tell the truth. A truth that the public must be made aware of.

In the last video report I did a Muslim street preacher told me that Islam does not sanction the barbaric act of crucifixions and I called him out on that claim. Easily proving him wrong.

Proving him wrong goaded a Muslim reader into admitting Islam sanctions crucifixions against those who “wage war” against Islam.

(Via YouTube)

The threat does not bother me, I am used to them. What the public needs to know is what “waging war” against Allah actually involves.

From the world renowned Tafsir (Scholarly interpretation and explanation of the Koran.) Ibn Kathir.

As you see. Just opposing Islamic rule or the simple disbelief in Islam are considered to be acts of war against Allah.

My response to the wannabe violent jihadist.

At least for now he backed off. Or did he?