Muslim NFL Star Runs From Logan’s Warning, Then the Lies and Attempts of Intimidation Start!

The other day on Twitter I noticed that “my friend” and NFL star Husain Abdullah, was bragging about his son joining his backstabbing cult of hate. 

WOW! My son just called me and said he gave his first Shahadah! The dude is only 5! #Takbeer

For those who do not know, Husain is part of the NFL’s Muslim Brotherhood.

Muslims in America are clearly changing the country to suit Islam, with no concern whatsoever or the wants and beliefs of non-Muslims. If it were up to them non-Muslims would just shut up, and go with the Sharia laced program. However I am not willing to do that. I fully believe that in a non-violent way, we should let them know we will not let walk all over us! 

  1. @HAbdullah39 Islam allows child marriage, plundering, and slavery. Explain to your fans why you will not condemn it. #moralcoward #traitor

  2. @HAbdullah39 bringing a child into your cult of hate, rape & pedophilia is nothing to brag about. This is the part where u run from a debate

As predicted, Abdullah used his top notch speed to run from a debate….

Husain Abdulllah running

Now this is the part where the Islamic lies, and attempts of intimidation kick in.

Ali, a Proud slave to Allah….

@LogansWarning @imamshafiee I am proud to be a slave of God. Anyone who’s God’s slave is indeed His loyal servant.

He decided to join in by running to Husain’s brother Hamza.

@HamzaAbdullah21 Please see the first comment. Thought I would bring it to your attention. Sad to see this.

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Apparently Ali is OK with the pedophilia and rape Islam legalizes. He will prove this over and over.
  1. @AbdullahBros @HamzaAbdullah21 Here we go again….

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    1. @mali052391@omarsuleiman504@imamjohari@imamsuhaibwebbPlease see this hate message

      LW: As you can  see was trying to turn more of Allah’s slave against me.
    2. @omarsuleiman504 @imamjohari @ImamSuhaibWebb I want to grab your attention to this guy is slandering our Deen and our brother.


      1. @HamzaAbdullah21 The madness continues….

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        LW: This is why I call Muslims moral cowards. He is condemning me for standing up for children and against slavery. Instead of condemning Islam for allowing it. A true slave to Islam.

        1. @LogansWarning You have no legitimate evidence for your slanders on Islam

          LW: This is the point where Ali is exposed for being another Muslim con man:

          @mali052391 @ImamShafiee Koran 9:29, dominate all Christians and Jews. Save the games Ali. I will embarrass you in a debate on Islam.

          LW: Even though I provided the verse, Ali comically cried it was not evidence.

          @LogansWarning @imamshafiee You provide PART of a verse yet give the history behind it, the Hadiths related to it, or Tafseer. No evidence!

          1. @mali052391 @ImamShafiee convert, pay jizya or Muslim can wage war. Sahih Muslim Book 019, Number 4294: Want more proof con man?

            LW: At this point Ali’s con crumbled,  as he could not refute  a thing.

            @mali052391 @ImamShafiee scholars like Al Azhar admit non-Muslims have less rights than Muslims under Islam. You are?

            Just another lying slave……



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