Wanna-be Mohammad Takes a Stand for Islamic Based Pedophilia!!

mental illnessUnfortunately this morning we get to see another example of the sick mind of a wanna-be Mohammad. Like his hero the Prophet Pervert Mohammad, Enzo here has no problem with grown men have sex with little girls, in the guise of “marriage”.


Enzo Khan pedo supporter


@LogansWarning at least we dont do paedophillia old boy, get your priest to shag his choirboy you slave!

As you can see he takes a swipe at non-Muslim pedophiles (whom I fully condemn as well). But…..


@LogansWarning paedophile is a child rapist not when a parent has given consent 4 thr daughter to be married to a man so HAHAHA

He comes out in full support of Islamic based pedophilia. The reason is because his mind is enslaved by the sickness of Islam, and it does not allow him to have the moral courage to condemn any aspect of Islam. As I said in my interview on the Tom Trento show, in over a decade of speaking out against Islam, I have not seen even one Muslim condemn the vile actions of Mohammad. That includes Zuhdi “the fraud” Jasser.

@LogansWarning He’s also stupid. Parent consent nullifies pedophilia. How stupid do you have to be to think like this. @EnzoKhan69

@LogansWarning it’s like they don’t even realize how insane they sound@EnzoKhan69

The mind of a Muslim….

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