Slave to Allah to Logan’s Warning…..”have patience logan your doom is coming”…


Well, Christmas was pretty peaceful for me, but things have quickly gotten back to normal as another slave to Allah has shown me “the inner peace” that Islam brings to its followers. I have to blame Kuffar New’s Jarrad Winter for introducing me to my new “friend”! lol




 Ibrahim Abdullah



Ibrahim Abdullah

Surah 61:4 Truly Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in battle array, as if they were a solid cemented structure,


@LogansWarning Alhamdullilah i am the slave of Allah swt unlike you scum slave of democracy disgusting

@LogansWarning nah not me the wrath of almighty Allah is coming for you just be patient

@LogansWarning my words are enough for cowards like you i dont need to go and call for backup and start retweeting your disgusting tweets

@LogansWarning yeah dont worry logan we will re establish shariah and the caliphate and NOTHING can stop the beleivers by the will of ALLAH

@LogansWarning @JarradWinter you people are disgusting scum of the earth that need to be cleansed

@LogansWarning Talk all you want logan your the COWARD no matter what you say or do my faith will never change

@LogansWarning point out the lies what u on about u scum its clear jarrads a lil girl for bringing u into this

@LogansWarning you scum back in those times a 6 yr old girl was more manly then you

My main response to the usual threats….

@IbrahimIbnAdnan can I please have a date on that? I have some things I would like to do first. Thanks!

@LogansWarning I do not wish to speak with you anymore let us wait until the day of reckoning and we shall see ay who is right who is wrong


It is amazing that someone can be so angry, but they cannot even defend their position via debate.

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