Part of the Problem: French Media Ducks Anti-Islam Protest

There are numerous reasons the West is losing the war with Islam. They range from being bitten by the politically correct bug, to Muslim con artists exploiting naive and trusting infidels, to the malevolent mainstream media. Tonight we get a look at the malevolent media of France….


Hat tip to Canada’s Moncton News.


French Media Ignores Protest against Radical Islam

A patriotic march for French values and culture, and against radical Islam, was virtually blacked out by France’s politically correct media.

Over the weekend, protestors chanted against Islamic fascism and about the French victory over Arab invaders in 732 A.D. It was the first march of its kind in France.

A broad coalition of groups from across France came together because they feel they’re losing their country to radical Islam, Sharia law, and a politically correct establishment that encourages the spread of Islam.

“Sharia law is slowly being enforced in our country and we want to march here to protest that because our government is doing nothing,” one French demonstrator said.

“The French people — they want to defend their culture, their history – they are called ‘fascists,’” one woman said.

“I don’t think it’s only a problem of France. It’s a problem of Europe. It’s also a problem for the U.S.A.,” another protestor said.

France has more Muslims than any other European nation. Some believe there could be as many as 15 million Muslims in France, although the official figure is much lower.

Noted French writer Renaud Camus helped organize the march.

“What I call ‘le grande remplacement,’ or ‘the big replacement,’ the change in population, is the biggest thing to happen in French history since the 15th century,” he said.

The leftist French media ignored the demonstration, seeing it as racist. But it’s clear the movement to resist radical Islam is growing in France.


Obviously not having most of the media on our side does not help. But the good news is that Team Infidel is growing by the day. Hang in there friends, never give up, never stop educating!



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