ACT!’s Damage Control: They Cannot Defend Their “Moderate” Position, so They lie and Bash as they Hide in the Shadows…

An ACT! Arizona email admits they are misleading America.

As most of you know I am unapologetic in my stance against Brigitte Gabriel, Brooke Goldstein, Daniel Pipes, and Frank Gaffney, for misleading non-Muslims into believing “moderate” Muslims are going to come riding in on their white horses, and save America from Islamic conquest. It is just a fantasy based on wishful thinking. A line of thinking that Pipes has been pushing for a long time now.

 by Daniel Pipes

New York Sun
November 23, 2004

There is good news to report: The idea that “militant Islam is the problem, moderate Islam is the solution” is finding greater acceptance over time.

We also see that Pipes does not care that he is misleading America, as he is carrying the same message today!

APRIL 20, 2012 12:00 A.M.

Middle East scholar Daniel Pipes has said, “The problem is radical Islam. The solution is moderate Islam.”

The “moderates” are the answer notion has been a huge failure. This can be seen in two different areas. The first being democracy with Muslims.

A perfect example of this takes place in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood now in charge and running wild there. Then there was Hamas winning an election, Sharia being voted for in Somalia, and the AKP still strengthening the Islamic grip on Turkey.

The second area would the constant barrage of new reports showing us how Sharia has gone from creeping into the West, to slowly jogging across the continent. How much more of the West should be lost to Islam, before Gabriel and Co. start to stand with the truth that “moderates” are not coming to the rescue? How much more of America should be lost to Islam before she puts America before her friendship with Jasser, and admits she was wrong? If Jasser were a true friend to Gabriel he would admit his campaign is not working, and ask her to stop promoting it. He does not, and no matter what is happening Garbriel continues to $ell false hope.

While not everyone agree with my view, at least I can defend them and do not hide in the shadows while ducking questions like the Queen of False Hope does. But she is not the only one hiding. Today we have Carl Goldberg, of ACT! Arizona, doing some behind the scenes bashing in his poor attempt at damage control.

Hat tip to an anonymous anti-jihadist friend.

Forwarded message —–
From: “Carl Goldberg”
Date: Mon, Aug 27, 2012 2:17 pm
Subject: Articles by Loganswarning
To: “Carl Goldberg”

The other day, I sent around two articles from Loganswarning in which Logan attacked ACT and accused Brigtitte Gabriel personally of lying about the nature of Islam. Logan’s attacks (including his defense of Dakdok) were vicious, false, distorted and, in general, way over the line of decency. The question of the nature of Islam is a crucial one which needs to be discussed, but not in the way Logan is doing it.

Carl, your opening statement is full of empty talking points. It is a fact that I have proven BG a liar. One being that she stated that Jasser “truly represents” Muslims in America.

We encourage you to attend the March 5th event to show your support both for the NYPD as well as for this group of American Muslims who truly represent the Muslim American community. It is time that they are afforded the respect and attention they deserve, instead of Muslim Brotherhood groups like CAIR.

So now I ask you Carl. Is that statement true, or is she lying?

Moving onto Carl’s next talking point: “Vicious”. Please say the victim card Carl, I spoke the truth. But for the record, it is very telling that you did not say a word about the following ACT! attacks on me.

From one of the queen’s guards, Guy Rodgers:

It’s easy for armchair quarterbacks like Mr. Logan to post on their blogs from the sidelines and snipe at those of us actually on the field fighting the fight.

From her other guard Kelly Cook:

Logan, let us know when you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and actually do something rather than armchair quarterback the real achievers in this war. Until then, please think before you open your mouth.

From ACT! spokesperson Chris Slick:

Christopher Logan is a man with radical views and has nothing better to do than to sit around and blog about other people like Brigitte Gabriel and Guy Rodgers who are actually making a tangible difference.

It’s OK Carl, I am not thin-skinned. Now please pointing out how hanging ACT! leaders with their own words is “distorting” things?


Some recipients of my postings impulsively leapt to the erroneous conclusion that I supported Logan’s attacks on ACT merely because I sent the articles around. Folks, I often send around without comment statements by various Moslem religious and political authorities calling for jihad and murder of Christians, Jews, other non-Moslems. I often send around verses from the Koran and the Hadith. Does this mean that I agree with those postings?! Certainly not! I guess I was naïve to think that everyone on my list would have the good sense and the decency to separate me, personally, from the articles which I sent around. Instead, a few recipients attacked me personally with the same ferocity and libelous accusations that Logan attacked Brigitte Gabriel. Frankly, this is unacceptable, and I expected better.

Carl, once again, I used her own words. Words you have not even begun to address.


1) To show that ACT is getting attacked from the Right. Most people do not realize that the anti-Islamization movement, like all ideological movements, has its extremists and its moderates; and I thought it would be interesting for our members to become more aware of the situation. By the way, Logan’s attack from the Right actually strengthens ACT’s image as reasonable and moderate in the eyes of our political leaders and the American public. This is very advantageous to ACT in fending off accusations from the Left and from the Moslem spokesmen. Logan surely did not intend it that way; but we need to understand that he is doing us a favor. I thought that this would be clear to our ACT members and especially to our chapter leaders, but I was mistaken. I should have appended a comment about this when I sent around the postings.

Prove I have strengthened  ACT!’s false message. I see more and more people questioning the queen’s message. In fact, there were so many on Facebook doing so that the queen was deleting them faster than she asks for more donations to continue to spread false hope! She even stated we were “bigots” for criticizing her and Jasser!

Carl, please make every member of ACT! aware of my position. I invite everyone of them here to debate me on this issue. I would love for them to explain how Jasser is going to reform Islam. Jasser could not explain it, so I highly doubt they can either.


2) For me, the most important aspect of Logan’s articles was the question concerning the truth about Islam and how to present it to the American public. When I sent the second posting, I appended the following comment which all recipients had in front of them but which many apparently did not read or did not think about:

You are mistaken Carl. The most important aspect of my articles is that BG and Jasser are blatantly misleading Americans into believe that the threat of Islam to non-Muslims will be resolved within the Muslim community. It will not, and that can be seen across the world. Because when push comes to shove they are going to stand with Islam over non-Muslims.

Koran verse 005.051
YUSUFALI: O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust.


This is another controversial yet very interesting discussion of the issue of supporting “moderate Muslims” in our struggle against the Islamization of America. The article takes only one side of the issue, but a number of the comments take the other side. You will not regret the time spent to read both the article and the comments.

Not one comment for the other side has addressed the fact that Jasser’s campaign has no Mosque support. (Not even the Mosques he has helped have built in America.) Nor has anyone of them explained how Jasser is going to reform Islam. Good work on leaving those facts out Carl.


The question is extremely important. In my opinion, it boils down to this: How do we best present the awful truth about Islam, as set forth in the Koran, to an American public which still believes that Islam is just another religion? If we hit them with the full truth all at once when they are not prepared to accept it, they will reject us. We need to reach the American public and educate them; and if they reject us because of the way we approach them, we lose. Therefore, we have to be careful how we approach them with the truth about Islam. This may involve presenting the truth in stages. During the first stage, it may help to get the public’s attention by using the questionable terms “Islamism”, “political Islam” and “moderate Muslims”. Once the public realizes there is a serious problem with “Islamism”, they can be led to ask the crucial question which “moderate Muslims” avoid answering like the plague: “Where does Islamism come from?” Then, they will inevitably be led to the Koran and to Islam, itself.

How about honesty Carl? Where has your strategy worked? The UK maybe…..NO, I do not think so. What is happening is that ACT! makes it look like “Islamism” is a separate enity from Islam, and it keeps people from laying the blame where it belongs. On Islam itself. Over the years I have seen a long list of non-Muslims point to Jasser and then walk away from the subject. Gabriel, Gaffney, and others make it sound like he is the second coming who is going to save the world. He is not.


This is a fundamental, serious question; and unfortunately there are still some members and even chapter leaders of ACT whose knowledge of Islam is insufficient to understand why this question is so important. For me, this question was more important than Logan’s unwarranted fireworks. It should have been clear from my comment above that I do not support Logan’s approach; but some recipients were apparently so dazzled, addled and misled by Logan’s fireworks that they missed my point entirely.

Carl, did you not see the dates on the quotes up above from Pipes? This should have been done a long time ago. Promoting “moderate” Muslims is a tremendously failed policy which just opens the door to Islam being accepted in America. Great work there!


The fact is that we are all involved in a titanic ideological struggle and not just a “war on terrorism” against some “Muslim extremists” who “misinterpret” Islam’s sacred texts. The fate of our civilization depends on the outcome of this struggle; and because people’s ideas determine their behavior, — and this is true for us as well as for our enemies — we need to get our own ideas straight in order to understand the conflict correctly. If we do not understand the nature of our Islamic enemies, we cannot come up with the measures necessary to defend ourselves and win this fateful struggle. Already, failure to understand our Islamic enemies has cost us thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars of our wealth. And, you can be sure there will be a lot more before this is over. That is why it behooves all of us to learn as much about our Islamic enemies as possible AND about the ideology which guides their behavior. And, after we understand those things, we need to consider how best to present the truth about Islam to the American public. That is the issue which concerned me when I sent around Logan’s articles.

I agree with a lot of that Carl. Nation building turned out to be a huge mistake. A highly regrettable waste of lives and treasure. But the premise behind it was that Islam itself was not the problem. Now you are willing to send the same message to America, HOPING that America will figure it out from there. YOU are OBVIOUSLY OK with misleading the public. I am not. On top of it you are foolish enough to put it in writing.


For the record, ACT!ForAmerica, under the leadership of Brigitte Gabriel, Guy Rodgers and Kelly Cook, is playing a vital role in the fateful ideological struggle to defend our civilization from our Islamic enemies. There can be no doubt about this.

They have done some good work, but now they have taken the Jasser thing too far. Way too far, and have undermined their past work.


I sincerely hope that this crucial issue and my position on it make more sense now.

Carl Goldberg, PhD
Chapter Leader
ACT!ForAmerica – Arizona

The only thing you have proven is that you do not see Jasser as the savior, but YOU ARE willing to mislead America. You claim that I am misleading Americans. So why don’t you come here and prove it? Come out of the shadows Carl….come out of the shadows…


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