Logan’s Warning Exclusive: Muslims Rent out Sports Arena for MEGA Interfaith IslamoCON!!

The other day when I posted the “Logan’s Warning Exclusive ~ the Pakistan Post ~ in on the Free Market Jihad ~ Photo Essay”, I knew some people would be like “this is no big deal”. Well it is a big deal as it is another inroad for Islam to seep into America, and the information that was in the paper turned out to be a very big deal! One of the most potent weapons that Muslims have is the IslamoCON, and the information obtained from the Pakistan Post shows us what might just be the mother of all IslamoCONs!

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The recently formed Association of Muslims of North America (AMNA), has rented out the entire Nassau Coliseum on Sunday June 3rd at 11:00 AM, for the MEGA IslamoCON event, the “Peace for Humanity Conference”. For those who do not know, the Nassau Coliseum is the home of the National Hockey League’s NY Islanders. It is also a concert venue, which has a seating capacity of over 18,000! To make matters worse it is a free admission event!

Let’s take a look at the AMNA:

The organization was officially launched on February 5th, 2012. Republican Congressman Michael Grimm of NY’s 13Th District (Staten Island), was on hand to help with the ceremony. The Congressman is a former FBI agent and US Marine. Grimm have you done any actual research on Islam? Apparently just about any Muslim can walk into the office of just about any US politician, profess “they come in peace”, and the politician falls into an IslamoSPELL.

(Click on image to enlarge) Grimm is the ignorant smiley one in the center.

Grimm can be reached HERE.

About the AMNA:

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As you can see they claim to represent the silent voice of Muslims in America, and “mainstream Islam”. Well, “mainstream Islam” is on a Sharia campaign in America. The AMNA also uses the common “misconception” talking point. When it comes to Islam, I deal in facts, not “misconceptions.

The “true and peaceful” nature of Islam is to dominate non-Muslims.

{ قَاتِلُواْ ٱلَّذِينَ لاَ يُؤْمِنُونَ بِٱللَّهِ وَلاَ بِٱلْيَوْمِ ٱلآخِرِ وَلاَ يُحَرِّمُونَ مَا حَرَّمَ ٱللَّهُ وَرَسُولُهُ وَلاَ يَدِينُونَ دِينَ ٱلْحَقِّ مِنَ ٱلَّذِينَ أُوتُواْ ٱلْكِتَابَ حَتَّىٰ يُعْطُواْ ٱلْجِزْيَةَ عَن يَدٍ وَهُمْ صَاغِرُونَ }

Fight those who do not believe in God, nor in the Last Day, for, otherwise, they would have believed in the Prophet (s), and who do not forbid what God and His Messenger have forbidden, such as wine, nor do they practise the religion of truth, the firm one, the one that abrogated other religions, namely, the religion of Islam — from among of those who (min, ‘from’, explains [the previous] alladhīna, ‘those who’) have been given the Scripture, namely, the Jews and the Christians, until they pay the jizya tribute, the annual tax imposed them, readily (‘an yadin is a circumstantial qualifier, meaning, ‘compliantly’, or ‘by their own hands’, not delegating it [to others to pay]), being subdued, [being made] submissive and compliant to the authority of Islam.

The “true and peaceful” nature of Islam also allows Muslims to take non-Muslims as sex slaves if desired. Prophet Pervert himself even took part in this hideous behavior.

Muslims also believe they know what is best for humanity.

Bukhari Hadith Volume 6, Book 60, Number 80:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Verse:–”You (true Muslims) are the best of peoples ever raised up for mankind.” means, the best of peoples for the people, as you bring them with chains on their necks till they embrace Islam.

That is “peace for humanity” under Islam.

On the bottom of the the AMNA website, it says “Organized to promote friendship and peaceful co-existence of people of different beliefs systems by enhancing religious awareness, mutual respect, and true acceptance of each other”.

In other words, bow to Islam.

To pile on the misinformation campaign, this will be a dual event. Muslims will also be celebrating the birth of Mohammad, and are expecting over 15K to show!

(Click on image to enlarge)

Of course they will make him out to be the second coming of Christ, when in fact he was an enemy to Christians and Jews.

Muslim Hadith Book 019, Number 4366:
It has been narrated by ‘Umar b. al-Khattib that he heard the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) say: I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim.

The guest speaker is Pakistani born Islamic scholar Dr. Tahir ul-Qadri. Who two years ago wrote a 600 page “Islam is peace” fatwa. A fatwa, which I kindly dismantled.

(Dr. Tahir ul-Qadri)

This free interfaith conference is extremely dangerous because naive and trusting non-Muslims will walk away from it believing that Muslims are just like everyone else here, and Islam is no threat at all. Muslims have clearly stepped up their game, and we need to as well. To those speaking out against Islam….PUMP UP THE VOLUME!

The Nassau Coliseum can be reached HERE.
AMNA can be reached HERE.

Please mention this site. Thanks!

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17 comments for “Logan’s Warning Exclusive: Muslims Rent out Sports Arena for MEGA Interfaith IslamoCON!!

    • admin
      April 10, 2012 at 7:28 am

      Thanks for pitching in!

  1. Michael C
    April 10, 2012 at 12:37 am

    How right you are to highlight the Con.
    We all need to help expose it.

    We wonder who is paying to hire the whole stadium (and how much).
    Is this foreign (Arab oil) money ?
    Does it need to be declared to Internal Revenue Services ?

    Questions. Questions.

    New York, heed Logan`s Warning.

  2. Harun S.
    April 10, 2012 at 5:24 am

    It’s nice to see that fascism is alive and well in America. For Hitler it was the Jews. For Logan it is the Muslims.

    • admin
      April 10, 2012 at 7:00 am

      Explain how not wanting to be dominated by Islam makes one a fascist. You bring up Nazism but do not mention the fact that Hitler had a helping hand from the Mufti of Jerusalem, and Islam and Nazism share a profound hatred of Jews. For the sake of your future generations, please educate yourself on the issue.


    • Robin Shadowes
      April 10, 2012 at 7:03 pm

      I agree with Logan. Hell no, I will never be dominated by a koranimal like you and your brethren, nor will I ever pay one dime as jizya. The only jizya you get from me is my saliva in your face, arselifter! Period!

  3. al Kidya
    April 10, 2012 at 8:16 am

    Posted this interesting story on my Facebook page.
    Con. Michael Grimm (R-13th Dist. Staten Is.) entered active duty in the US Marine Corps on in 1989. A year later, he went to Iraq for the Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
    So why is he a dhimmi? Who knows? Perhaps he received a huge campaign contribution from the Muslim Brotherhood?

    Kind of makes me sick to my stomach knowing there are Republican Congressmen out there who are willing to sell their souls to the Devil.

    • admin
      April 10, 2012 at 8:35 am

      Thanks for helping out. I sent him this article on Twitter, and posted it on his Facebook page. Let’s see if he responds.

  4. al Kidya
    April 10, 2012 at 8:18 am

    In 2011, The New Yorker magazine reported that Grimm had been the subject of an internal investigation into allegations he abused his authority as a FBI agent in a nightclub in 1999. According to the article, written by Evan Ratliff, the incident resulted from a dispute between Grimm and his date’s husband. A former NYPD officer working as a bouncer at the time said that Grimm remarked about the husband, “I’ll f—ing make him disappear where nobody will find him.” Grimm reportedly then returned to the nightclub twice, pulled out his gun once, and brought FBI and NYPD officers the second time.

    Grimm said the article was written by a reporter “on a witch hunt” and that “this incident was fully investigated and I was cleared of all of the ridiculous and absurd allegations. To further entertain this partisan attack on my exemplary career and service to this great nation would be to give [the allegation] credence, of which it deserves none.” The New York Police Department and U.S. Justice Department have refused to release documents regarding the incident

    • admin
      April 10, 2012 at 8:33 am

      I remember that incident. Thanks for the refresher!

    • nicermannson
      April 10, 2012 at 9:08 am

      If you have read the link, you would have understood that Muslims do not take infidels as friends. This is from FFI giving the link from Islamic source.
      Thanks for your efforts to spread the threat of Islamic dominance.

      • admin
        April 10, 2012 at 9:16 am

        That’s a good source, and Ali Sina is a great man!

        Thank you!

  5. emmi
    April 15, 2012 at 2:11 am

    Harun S. A fascist is one who holds authoritarian views and as a result uses force and terror to get those views implemented. Those who support Islam, support sharia law, those who support sharia law, support amputation of hands and feet of criminals. Do you carry out amputations yourself, Harun, or do you get others to do it for you, thereby making them do evil deeds and losing their souls, while preserving yours?

  6. Wow
    April 18, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    haha, all of you are f-ing delusional

    pay jizyah????
    establish shariah??

    LOL YOU F. U. C. K. T. A. R. D. S.

    • admin
      April 18, 2012 at 1:10 pm

      Sharia is clearly seeping into the West. Ever hear of Sharia banking, public schools in UK serving halal only, foot washing basins, prayer rooms, call to prayer being broadcast onto the streets, etc…all of that will just lead to more Sharia seeping in, if non-Muslims do not stand up against Islam. Do you want your future generations to be forced to live under Islamic Law?

  7. Islam0ph0bic
    May 30, 2012 at 6:24 pm

    Don’t be jealous, islamophobes! But yeah, we’re doomed. Get out while you can.

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